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Hatenboer-Water BV

Hatenboer-Water BV

Always professional, always sustainable. Welcome to Hatenboer-Water. Specialists in water. Water from every source is transformed to produce the right quality in the entire water system. Whether you need drinking water, irrigation water or process water. We see ourselves as a full service player in the water treatment market. With our very wide-ranging experience we can always offer sustainable solutions and supply the right products, spare parts or services. In a diversity of industries, for a diversity of water qualities with a diversity of technologies. Always expert advice, always sustainable solutions.

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Mercuriusweg 8 , Schiedam , 3113 AR 3113 AR Netherlands
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Always reliable, always committed

There is an answer for every water issue. We provide the answer and, if required to, implement it. Because of our complete package consisting of project management, our own engineering and production, specialist expertise and worldwide network, our clients rely on our knowledge and skills. Commitment that is always evident, from small gestures to large-scale projects. Evident from ingenious combinations, well thought-out, both economically and technically. Thanks to innovative know-how and the choice of high-quality products. Always reliable water, always committed service.

Always with your wishes as our number one priority

Hatenboer-Water knows about water. Years of experience and innovative know-how typify our versatility in the field of water and technology. Versatility that is necessary in order to provide made-to-measure solutions. From the supply of simple, standard products such as a pump or filter, carrying out risk analyses or sampling, right through to the supply of completely integrated custom-made systems. Fully commissioned, if required. A workforce of more than 100 people in Schiedam and Singapore is continually working to create innovative solutions for your water issues – with you as a satisfied customer as their major objective. Always with your wishes as their number one priority.

Hatenboer-Water BV is an internationally operating company that is active in the world of water treatment. The headquarter is situated in the Netherlands. Together with Hatenboer-Neptunus BV, this company operates under the name Hatenboer-Neptunus Holding BV. In order to deliver integrated advice both quickly and directly to clients across Asia a sales office is open since January 1st 2013 in Singapore.

Hatenboer-Neptunus BV

Providing water for seagoing shipping, offshore and industry in the entire area of the Port of Rotterdam. Per water barge or road tanker. Supplying drinking water, de-ionised water and cooling water with antifreeze.

Hatenboer-Water BV

Full service partner for all questions relating to water production and water treatment. Providing made-to-measure and standard products, attuned to clients’ wishes. Completely self-engineered and ready for operation. Extensive service in the form of risk analyses, sampling, water analyses and training. Supported by an internationally operating technical service department that, if required, can take over your water supply requirements.

Hatenboer-Water Asia Pte Ltd

The strategic choice to situate an office close to the construction locations of many of our end-user clients was inspired by the way in which the organisation arranges its service provision. Aiming at the long term, and not for “quick wins”. ‘We are an ambassador of the concept: Safe Water on Board, from the source to the tap points. We are unique in this approach. The economic impact of a need to clear an offshore vessel or rig of personnel because of the bad quality of the water on board, for example as a result of legionella, is enormous,’ says Willem Buijs, CEO of Hatenboer-Water. ‘This is being recognised with increasing frequency by our clients, and it entails our being involved at an early stage in the design of the water installation and management systems, the disinfection systems, the pipework, the tap points, the management plans, et cetera. Since many new builds and retrofits take place in Asia, and because of our wish to provide expert guidance in these projects for both the shipyards and the end-users, we now have an operational base in Singapore. In addition, it is advantageous to many end-users that we have a regional basis to support their operations in that region.’

Our dependence on water should not be underestimated, since it fulfils an essential role in our daily existence. We are very conscious of this, and strive for one hundred per cent reliability in all our processes. Our clients must always be able to rely on us. The personal commitment and sense of responsibility of our personnel form the foundations of this. Good working relationships within the company are important to us. We therefore place great emphasis on good working relationships, and by recognising the qualities of all our staff we ensure that they in turn are able to put our clients first.

Being active worldwide means that we are in contact with many different cultures. Our national history has taught us the importance of the respectful treatment of others, no matter what their sex, nature, faith or persuasion. Individuality and diversity are recognised and accepted. Our personnel are encouraged to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and one another in an understanding and respectful manner.

We are also aware that sustainability is not only important, it is gaining importance every day. The population of the world is growing, as is the level of prosperity and consumption. However, natural resources are becoming depleted, and a different approach to the way in which we use them is necessary. We are very conscious of this, and endeavour constantly to treat our natural environment with care. The basic principle of such an approach is to take into account the interests of future generations to the greatest possible extent.