HB Next Corporation

HB Next Corporation

HB Next Corporation

HB NEXT began in 1999 as a construction consulting, inspection and training company. HB NEXT’s original leadership team, attended various training classes and used different construction support services during their time in the construction industry. For the most part, these classes or services were being delivered by regulatory agencies, academia or insurance companies, with little to no, on-the-job experience. This lack of industry knowledge with classes and services propelled HB NEXT to make a difference in the construction support industry. Thus, one original goal was to bring field experts to train those coming into the construction industry and support the needs of construction firms with quality safety, environmental, training, and regulatory legal services.

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1255 Lakes Parkway, Suite 385 , Lawrenceville , GA 30043 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Environmental Regulations and Compliance
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:

HB NEXT knew the value of being able to provide effective data management support to construction firms. This would inevitably increase a company’s ROI and keep employees safe.

In 2003, HB NEXT took the goal of offering top quality field data management to the next level with the creation and development of SequenceSM, a cloud-based field data management software for safety, environmental services, training and utility services.

In 2003, HB NEXT started working on an internet software model that would allow construction companies to better manage regulatory data associated with OSHA and EPA Stormwater rules and regulations which became SequenceSM. Since SequenceSM was launched in 2005, it has grown and diversified into numerous other field and office management solutions.

Today, HB NEXT has evolved into a technology-enabled services company. Sequence is the engine powering HB NEXT’s professional services, SaaS products, and custom Sequence OMS solutions. These cloud based solutions are provided to Construction & General Industry as well as Power Utility customers.

HB NEXT is proud to have extremely experienced personnel which allows for great expansion and independence within each business service to meet our clients’ needs. Unlike any other company, HB NEXT has been able to develop and interconnect support services which allow clients to have a “one-stop-shop” for operational software, regulatory compliance needs, and training.

HB NEXT is known nationwide as a dependable partner in the construction support industry. The HB NEXT reputation has even grown to serve clients in the courtroom with OSHA and EPA violations and penalties along with serving highly regarded utility companies across the U.S. HB NEXT understands your business and what resources you need to solve your challenge. Our clients and our job experiences display the trust our clients place in us. Ask HB NEXT to solve your challenge.