Heartland Technology develops and markets proprietary wastewater treatment technology and services that are general extensions of technology developed by Heartland’s management team over two decades. Success, to date, includes patented processes for landfill leachate and wastewater treatment that have been successfully commercialized with a 100% record of success. Heartland’s broad wastewater treatment experience encompasses executive management, operations, research and development, process and project engineering, business development, and project development. The skills of Heartland’s management team have been honed by experience encompassing more than 150 cumulative years of professional service.

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9870 Big Bend Blvd , Kirkwood , Missouri 63122 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We are dedicated to developing and marketing technologies that tip the scales in the favor of reason and sound ecological principles when applied to complex waste management challenges.

Our technology development programs are driven by the core belief that simple, reliable and effective process systems are the best way to satisfy customers’ needs, and the strongest measure of our success is their success.


Values are the enduring beliefs that form the basis of our culture. Our values guide us in making those daily decisions, both large and small, that over time determine our achievement.


In valuing safety, we acknowledge that the well- being of our team members, partners and customers is always our first and foremost priority.


Service is a mind-set that says we care for those around us more than we do ourselves. The abundance we create for ourselves is a multiplier of how much we give of ourselves to others.

Customer First

In order to help our customers, we must first understand at a deep level what they value, and how they succeed. Only then can we develop and deliver appropriate solutions for them.

Solving Important Problems

We work hard. With the time we have available in our careers, we want to work on problems that will help sustain our planet and society for our next generations.

Winning as a Team

The best teams win, not the best collection of athletes. To be an effective team we must perform our jobs at the highest levels, trust in individuals around us, practice and train like professionals, and execute with a quiet confidence. Our ability to play as a team is the cornerstone of our success.

How We Behave

The foundation of all good teams is trust. How we behave determines the level of trust we build collectively.


Integrity means always doing what is right … even when no one is watching.


Candor is the quality of being open, honest, direct and sincere. Candor is bi-directional. Not only will ‘I be candid with you’ but I will have the confidence and defenselessness to allow ‘you to be candid with me.’


It is through respect that we acknowledge the value and worth of those around us. We show respect for others in how we communicate, how we listen, how we deliver on commitments, and how we own up to our mistakes.


Optimism is a force multiplier. Optimistic teams are not bounded by the conventional wisdom of what is possible, and as a result, consistently achieve more… and have more fun along the way!


Great teams and great team members do not wait around for direction. They seek to understand strategy and business intent, they “see around corners” to identify opportunities and threats, and move proactively to drive impact.

What We Do

Over and above our values and behaviors, our habits are the things we do each and every day irrespective of the goals and strategy of the company. Our habits, applied over time, are how we win.

We Win By
  • Creating value for our customers
  • Having a passion for process improvement
  • Simplifying the complex
  • Being insatiable learners
  • Operationalizing metrics and scorecards
  • Embracing problems and challenges
  • Recognizing and rewarding impact

At Heartland Technology, we believe that integrating safety and health into every operation of our Company is of utmost importance. The health and safety of our employees continues to be the first consideration in our operations.

To this extent, the Company strives to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing our operations. In so doing we conduct our processes and operations in a manner to reduce or eliminate the conditions that could cause injury to or health issues for our employees. Employees are consistently urged to report unsafe conditions in their workplace and work with management to eliminate these conditions where they may exist.

The Company has empowered all employees the right to initiate a work stoppage. This empowerment allows an employee to stop any work or job they feel is unsafe until concerns are addressed and a work safety plan can be applied.

Quality or production goals do not supersede the safety of our employees. The Company’s management accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment and employees are expected to take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe standards and practices. This provides for:

The continual commitment to improving safety at our workplace from the top down and the bottom up
Employee awareness and training concerning safety procedures and issues
Commitment to visitors, neighbors, and our community to lessen or eliminate any safety-related issues that could impact them
Within the scope and applicability of our Safety Program, the Company has established a goal to have injury and illness incident rates well below the industry average. To accomplish this goal, we ask each of our employees to commit not only to their safety but the safety of their co-workers and their community as well. Supervisors and all levels of management have this same commitment. Management will strive to continually improve quality and safety by establishing, implementing, and enforcing proper safety standards and best practices at every location.