Heger Pumps Inc - Dragflow

Heger Pumps Inc - Dragflow

Heger Pumps Inc - Dragflow provides submersible dredging pumps from 5-400HP both electric and hydraulic drive plus complete dredge systems with booster pumps. Our pumps handle slurries with 30-40% solids by volume.

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4141 Linden Avenue , Long Beach , California 90807 USA

Locations Served

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

DRAGFLOW pumps are particularly effective in the following sectors:

  • Mining
  • Industrial Waste
  • Dredging  of Harbors
  • Clean-up of rivers, lakes and lagoons
  • Underwater Work
  • Ecological recovery
  • Inert wash sludge
  • Marble dust
  • Heavy Soil
  • Sewage
  • Public Works
  • Offshore
  • Sand Extraction
  • Dam Maintenance

Dragflow offers complete system solutions.

  • Submersible Agitator slurry pumps. Electric 5 to 300 HP.
  • Hydraulic 24 to 400 HP.
  • Fully self contained, self propelled dredges for use with all agitator slurry pumps.
  • Dredges are built to fit into standard 20 or 40 foot containers for ease of transport.
  • Mining: Clean-up of digesters, extraction of coal, minerals and foundry sand.
  • Industrial: Extraction of slag, forge scale, calcines, sludge, settling sludge, petroleum and tar residues.
  • Public Works: Dredging of canals and harbors, clean-up of locks, extraction of gravel or sand, emptying of caissons and bulk heads.