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  • Bioreactors / Fermenters

    We develop and produce bioreactors and fermenter systems in various sizes and designs for different industries with the corresponding specific requirements.  From laboratory systems with a few litres of working volume, to the pilot system in the cubic metre range, to large-scale industrial fermenters with several 100,000 litres of working volume, we delivery turnkey process plants and “package units”.

  • Proreact - Model B - Large-Scale Sterile Bioreactors

    Proreact - Model B - Large-Scale Sterile Bioreactors

    The FRINGS PROREACT B fermenters for sterile sensitive industrial production procedures with working volumes of several 10,000 litres and also as large-scale fermentation systems of greater than 100,000 litres are designed, produced and commissioned for specific projects.

  • Proreact - Model B - Laboratory / Pilot Sterile Bioreactors

    Proreact - Model B - Laboratory / Pilot Sterile Bioreactors

    PROREACT B fermenters are used in the laboratories and technology centres of industrial companies for the research, process development and scaling-up. In production, these units are used as seed levels for the sterile cultivation of the micro-organisms within a fermenter production line.

  • Gas/Liquid-Reactors

    Through the special properties of the PROREACT C reactors with the integrated FRIBORATOR C turbines, very high mass transfer coefficients with low energy consumptions can be realised. A fact that is becoming more and more important in times of high energy prices and when taking into account the demand for resource-friendly production procedures.

  • Clearflow - Model C - Filtration Systems

    Clearflow - Model C - Filtration Systems

    CLEARFLOW C filtration systems can be used in a number of sectors where no hygiene criteria must be applied. These systems are designed especially for industries which require particularly easy-to-operate and resistant systems. Chemical-resistant finishes and robust units are the different equipment specifications of these systems.

  • Gas/Liquid Mixing Turbines and Submerged Aerators

    FRINGS gas/liquid mixing turbines and submerged aerators (which work according the same principle) are high-performance systems for the optimal transfer of gases in the liquid phase in chemical reactors, bioreactors and other gas/liquid units. In particular, these systems are designed for chemical gas/liquid reactions in the low-viscosity range and to supply oxygen to bacteria and yeast cultures.  

  • Friborator - Model C - Self Aspirating Gas/Liquid Turbines

    Friborator - Model C - Self Aspirating Gas/Liquid Turbines

    The FRIBORATOR C turbines are delivered in sizes of 1 kW to 240 kW, whereby larger systems are also possible if needed. These turbines are characterised by their simple structure, extreme durability and particularly high local energy dissipation densities. As a result, a very fine gas/liquid dispersions is created, which enables a high mass transfer from the gas into the liquid phase.

  • Automation

    Even if there is a series of systems which can be manually operated by qualified personnel, technically automated systems in process technology are becoming more and more important. This is not only due to the fact that the “human error” factor is minimised by error-free automation and costs can be saved. Indeed, the system operators of an automated system can deal predominantly with the relevant aspects of process management which can only be measured and recorded with difficult

  • MCT - Automation Systems

    MCT - Automation Systems

    We realise automation systems of different complexity which can be configured in accordance with customer wishes. It is possible to integrate other system parts, such as customer process systems (mixing systems, tank farms, pasteurisation systems, upstream and downstream systems) and utilities (CIP systems, cooling water system, ...) into the MCT systems, as well as all FRINGS units and sections.