HESCO Bastion, Inc.

HESCO Bastion, Inc.

We are the original developers of earth-filled barrier technology. Since 1991 our products have been deployed in the most hostile parts of the world, saving countless lives and billions of dollars worth of mission critical assets. We protect homes from nature’s fiercest storms; keeping emergency routes open, hospitals running and offering temporary housing for those displaced by conflict or natural disaster. Rapidly deployable and readily available; we invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency situation. Expanding beyond earth-filled protection, our product range now includes ballistic resistant plates; protecting the protectors with thinner and lighter body armor.

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2821 Azalea Drive , Charleston , SC 29405 USA
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Internationally (various countries)

We engineer products that inspire confidence in multiple uses in military, security and environmental applications.

HESCO barriers began with the idea of one man: Jimi Heselden. He needed to protect a property that faced being destroyed by fierce storms on the coast of North Yorkshire, UK, so he developed a wire-mesh gabion system that allowed him to construct the protective wall that saved his family home. This innovation would become the HESCO Concertainer Unit, acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortification since WWII.

We have since expanded our portfolio to now include environmental and security barriers, border security, hostile vehicle mitigation solutions and ballistic resistant armor plates.

We continue to develop new applications and innovations for protective systems, whether it is an earth-filled barrier or protective body armor, we maintain integrity and innovation in everything we create, preserving our humble origins; remembering that Hesco started on the need to protect a family home.

We are the defenders of armies, the protectors of law enforcers, the barriers between you and harm’s way.

We are the people on the ground shoveling sand, getting covered in dust and filling baskets; we are the inventors in our workshops, testing and experimenting, creating new ways to keep you safe; we are the inspectors ensuring only products of the highest quality are dispatched.

From your first inquiry until that last basket is filled or that last plate is deployed, we are there.

We pride ourselves on our experience and our integrity; our strength is our team. Working to provide reliable and robust protection solutions, from hill stabilization in Malaysia to protecting members of the United States Coast Guard.   

We have personnel stationed in Europe, the Middle East, United States and Asia, on hand to provide support wherever and whenever it is needed.

We will travel to the area of operation to provide proven onsite assistance; whether that involves evaluating the area of concern to provide a workable solution, training your installation teams, or working by your side filling flood baskets outside your home.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance.

As a privately owned business the board of directors act in good faith and in the best interest of all its stakeholders. The management considers that applying good corporate governance helps to underpin the long term performance of the company thereby achieving the objective of maximizing shareholder value while balancing the interest of all stakeholders.

The board is responsible for the success of the company through its guidance and monitoring of business activities. This is achieved through the formulation, delivery and review of the company’s operating strategy, monitoring and assessing the financial performance and business opportunities of the company and reporting regularly to its shareholders.

The overall system of procedures and internal controls across the business contributes to the effective corporate governance of the Company and includes:

  • Complying with all company law requirements;
  • Acting with integrity;
  • Demonstrating leadership;
  • Making timely and transparent decisions;
  • Managing risk through continually assessed internal controls;
  • Effective resource allocation;
  • Working closely with all our stakeholders; and
  • Operating in an open and honest manner.

Good governance is promoted as the responsibility of everyone at Hesco.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We know that creating a successful business requires more than just achieving financial results.

We want to make a positive contribution to everyone we come into contact with or anyone we impact whether they are business partners, employees or the wider community. We want to engage with integrity with all end users, customers, suppliers and business partners to ensure we uphold the highest standards of personal and business ethics and responsibility.

The Workplace

We are committed to providing excellent workplace standards for everyone.

  • Ensuring enhanced working environments.
  • Employing a diverse workforce.
  • Providing regular staff training and career development.
  • Offering working hours and flexibility which enable a balance between the needs and demands of work and home.

We believe in a positively engaged workforce, one that passionately believes in the Hesco mission and continues to deliver the outstanding 'can do' ethos that Hesco has maintained since it began.

The Culture

Our brand has built considerable goodwill and trust with its end users, customers and business partners. We at all times seek to preserve and build upon this through ensuring we approach everything we do with a high level of integrity and, where possible, being innovative and responsive to needs and demands of those with whom we deal. We continue to seek to reach out to a wider audience, through development of the brand, by developing long term partnerships with customers, suppliers and colleagues, and working in an honest and open manner.

The Environment

We demonstrate our commitment to the reduction of environmental impact, by looking for innovation that reduces waste throughout the life cycle of the products and services we provide. This commitment feeds into all levels, from manufacturing, business support and product development, to reinforcing employee environmental awareness.

The Community

We believe in supporting the communities in which we operate as best as we can, with regard to the business environment in which we work. Where possible, we seek to use local resources and we contribute to local charities, as well as supporting national organizations.