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HF Pure Water, is an innovative world leader in designing, manufacturing and servicing of high-quality chemical handling & processing, water and wastewater treatment systems. Our products include Membrane Separation systems, Advanced Oxidation systems and Vacuum Distillation systems.

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203 West Artesia Blvd. , Compton , CA 90220-5550 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Globally (various continents)
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

HF Group has a history reaching back over 70 years with expertise in designing, manufacturing and servicing industrial equipment with expertise in stainless steel metal fabrication. This legacy which began with the invention of the first long roll film processors has evolved to engineering and manufacturing industrial-grade water systems customized for any need. HF Group believes water is a precious resource and all economical efforts for its efficient and effective use and conservation should be pursued. HFPureWater was established for that purpose. All HF systems are manufactured in the U.S. and are built to last.

HFPureWater will work with you to analyze your needs, verify analytical results through testing, design and build the appropriate system, and go the extra mile to ensure the customer is satisfied through installation, commissioning and training. We recognize you are making an important investment in your company and the environment. Customer success is our priority!

Water Treatment is a process that ends with purer and cleaner water. It is a method of making water safe and acceptable for human use and as well apt for other application through physical, chemical and biological filtration processes. The processes involve removal of contaminants such as solids, bacteria, algae, plants, inorganic compounds, and organic compound.

Why do we need to have our water undergo a treatment anyway? Basically, water is labeled as the universal fluid because of its ability to dissolve with any other substances. Its versatility is essential to all living organisms, especially to man. Contaminated water contains impurities which are harmful can make anyone’s health at risk. There are different methods to clean and purify water; one mean is by Reverse Osmosis. This process is said to be a very effective method of filtering water.

It is a method of producing pure water by forcing impure water through a semi-permeable membrane across which salts or impurities cannot pass. This method was first known to make sea water to pure water and safe to drink. In this water purification process, lead, heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants are removed.

There are various benefits and use one can get in a water filtration procedure such drinking water purification, waste water purification, safe water for the food industry, water supply for the reef aquariums, for disinfection purposes and also making saltwater potable through the process of desalination and many others.

Water Purification is a method of refining water which brings cleaner, safer and purer fluid output for human consumption and also for other applications. Water is an essential element that can sustain life, thus vital to all living things. But with the imbalance state of our ecosystem, there have been changes in the physical, biological and chemical conditions to the different bodies of water.

Pure and safe drinking water is one of the basic needs of man. A lot of people depend their water supply from a common source. Our tap water contains thousands of different contaminants which are potentially harmful.

If only many people knew what was actually in our drinking water, they would suggest not drinking it. Our tap water contains over two thousand different contaminants, many of which are potentially harmful. It can put one’s health at risk. To successfully remove all the harmful elements or contaminants from the water, a process called the water treatment is applied.

On the other hand, water filtration method such as reverse osmosis, (RO) is known to be one of the best mean to purify water. In addition, RO is a method of producing pure water by forcing saline or impure water through a semi-permeable membrane across which salts or impurities cannot pass. Also, harmful particles or impurities can be removed from a solution through this process. It involves removal of contaminants such as solids, bacteria, algae, plants, inorganic compounds, and organic compound. Furthermore, purification of water has great benefits to mankind. The water goes through various filtering process so that the fluid will meet the certain specifications for safe water consumption and as well as application.

Reverse Osmosis is a process which is first known to be the best mean to clean and purify water. It is a method of producing pure water by forcing saline or impure water through a semi-permeable membrane across which salts or impurities cannot pass. A high pressure is exerted on the area containing the concentrated solution, which forces the water molecules across the membrane to the area of the fresh water.

Pure, safe and clean water is essential to every living being. It is said to be one of the basic needs of man. Also, there are other applications for water like appliance in the food industry, supply for the reef aquariums, for cleaning and disinfection purposes and many others.

In addition, water purification is done to bring cleaner, purer and safer drinking water to the people. Water means life to all living things. It is a fluid essential to the existence of all the living. The disturbance of the balance of our ecosystem results to water pollution. Impure water contains harmful elements such as solids, bacteria, algae, plants, inorganic compounds, and organic compound. There are different means of purifying liquid which includes the water filtration. To effectively remove all the harmful elements and impurities on a certain fluid, a method called water treatment must be applied.

Others may not know it; our tap water contains thousands of impurities that are harmful when consumed by humans. Find ways to clean and purify your water for a secure and a healthy living.

Water Purification Systems are applied to generate pure and clean water. The disturbance in the balance of the ecosystem result changes in the nature. Bodies of water are affected with this disturbance. The rise in pollution has greatly affected bodies of water which made the water impure and full of contaminants. Elements such as solids, bacteria, algae and many other compounds may put the health of human at risk.

The need of pure and clean water is on the rise. There are different process water treatments available in the market today. The said process is acclaimed with its efficiency in the removal of harmful particles and impurities in water.

On the other hand, one of the best water filtration systems known today is the reverse osmosis system. It is a kind of process which can bring you ultra pure water. This method involves removal solids, bacteria, algae, plants, inorganic compounds and thousands of other harmful elements in water. Saline or impure water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane across which harmful particles or impurities are effectively removed.

Live a healthy life. Start it by having filtered and purified water supply. Water is very essential to all living things particularly to man. It is necessary to remove all the undesirable chemicals, materials, and other contaminants from the water. Always remember that impurities and other contaminants are harmful to human. The good thing is that there is wide range of Water Purification Systems or Pure Water Systems available today.

There is Reverse Osmosis System. It is an acclaimed water purification process. This method is actually based on the process of osmosis which involves the selective movement of water from one side of a membrane to the other. RO system is able to generate pure water by forcing the impure water through a semi-permeable membrane across which salts and other impurities are being blocked. On the other hand, Integrated Water Systems sustains the specific needs of our changing industry. All the harmful particles and impurities from the contaminated water are effectively and completely removed through every water purification process thus water is converted into environmentally safe and acceptable water.

Process Water Treatment is a procedural system of removing undesirable tastes, odors and as well as the removal of bacteria and other harmful elements from the water. As we all know it, water is very essential to every living thing. Water means life; that is why making water safe and acceptable for consumption and for other function is a must.

Water has many applications, from homes to offices and hospitals and etc. There is what we call Advance Oxidation Process. Harmful elements or impurities are to be eliminated by oxidation through the process. The water goes through a set of chemical treatment procedures to remove the organic as well as the inorganic elements that are present to the fluid.

It is recommended that sources or supply of water must undergo treatments depending on its purpose. Today, Commercial Water Treatment and Medical Water Treatment are available. These treatments are intended for specific applications to meet the requirements for medical, pharmacology, chemical and industrial applications. It is necessary to know and determine what kind of treatment to apply to the water. Obtain all the essential information before deciding any method of water purification. Make the water safe for consumption and apt for other application.

Industrial Water Purification is very significant and essential. You may not know it; there are various harmful particles or elements present to our water such as, solids, bacteria, algae and other organic and inorganic compounds. These harmful elements are needed to be eliminated. The water goes must go through various filtering process so that the fluid will meet the certain specifications for safe water consumption and as well as for other applications.

Today, there are vast array of Commercial Water Purification processes one may choose from. All available processes have its unique Water Purification Design depending on the application of the water output. Every Water Purification Manufacturing procedure involves the elimination of harmful elements and other contaminants. There are so many existing water problems these days, people should take extra precautions when drinking and as well as using water. Be sure of the water that you are using ,choose the kind of water purification systems that can give you incredible benefits of safe, clean, healthy and pure water.

Lab Water Purification is very essential to have pure and quality water. This water purification process undergoes constant water monitoring and continuous elimination of harmful particles or elements in the water or fluid. Find a complete solution to problems regarding with the safeness and purity of water. There are various water purification systems that suits and support all your water needs.

In order to have pure and clean water, several technologies have been combined in a logical sequence in attaining the desired results. Water has so many applications such as in labs, pharmaceutical and of course in food. That is why there is what we call the Laboratory Water Purification and Medical Water Purification. These are intended to support the requirements of water in various industrial applications. Also, for a more secure and purer water supply, Ultra Violet Water Purification is now available. This water purification method is one big advantage of the modern times. Ultra violet rays deactivate all the harmful micro organisms effectively. This technology is indeed very effective in the elimination of the water contaminants.

Advance Oxidation Technology is one commended scientific breakthrough for water purification today. This method is able to eliminate contaminants and other harmful impurities present in water that are missed by the other existing water purification technologies and systems. Advance oxidation employs ultra violet light to break up organic contaminants from the pure water by materializing contaminates and then eliminate them.

This kind of technology also effectively removes or eliminates salt dissolved in water by De-ionization process. This process is parallel to Sea Water Reverse Osmosis process in which water passes through an ion exchange material which is responsible for the complete removal of salt. This method is also called the desalination process. It was first known to make sea water to pure water and safe for human consumption. Sea water is renewed into fresh water with this process which then can be used for irrigation, drinking and many other purposes. Also, through this method heavy metals are completely removed from the water thus water generated by deionization process has superior quality. All in all, this advance system has brought water purification process to a new era.

Water Treatment Technologies are now advancing to a new age. A lot of water purification systems have been successfully implemented with various applications. Water is very essential to man and to the industry which makes the demand of refined and pure water supply rise. There are different available Water Treatment Supplies which brings cleaner, safer and purer water output intended for various applications like in the food industry, supply for the reef aquariums, for elimination of impurities and disinfection harmful bacteria and many others.

Discover the breakthrough of Quality Water Treatment today. It has been tested and proven to be very effective. Serious environmental and health problems generated by pollutants coming from the chemicals and wastes from industrial processes can be primarily avoided and addressed with the available Water Treatment Solutions. Get rid of all harmful substances and elements found in water and be safe. Provide yourself a quality water treatment system. Keep in mind that it is very essential to clean or purify water, especially before any application and consumption.


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