High Temperature Technologies Corp. (HTT)

High Temperature Technologies Corp. (HTT)

High Temperature Technologies Corp. is a privately-owned Company based in Canada. The operations are fully managed out of the Corporate Headquarters (Sales and Marketing, Project Management). The development of technology, the production of plasma torches and plasma furnaces, the assembling, the installing and the commissioning of equipment takes place in the engineering facility of Company in Belarus. High Temperature Technologies Corp. possesses more than ten years of experience in the international market for plasma technologies and has carried out more than ten projects worldwide.

Company details

P.O. Box 47012 , Chateauguay , Quebec J6K 0B8 Canada
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

High Temperature Technologies Corporation offers advanced solution of plasma technology for waste management

High Temperature Technologies Corp. has environmentally-friendly solutions for waste treatment and disposal.

Our highly innovative technology is based on plasma arc torch is suitable for the treatment of gaseous, liquid, disperse and solid waste. The technology allows the fully decompose the waste, without leaving harmful toxic residue and produce valuable by-products. It produces virtually no emissions and is thus it is one of the most safe and sustainable solutions for waste disposal, available on the market today.

Our vision is to create a world where waste is an asset and not a liability. Accordingly our technology is perfectly aligned with the currently evolving worldwide trend towards sustainable development diversion of waste from landfills in the direction of 4R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling and Recover).  It aims to create for us the environment in which we will feel good and which will get our children.


High Temperature Technologies' main focus is to enrich the environment by delivering advanced plasma solutions for waste management and disposal to businesses and governments worldwide.


We place great emphasis on our company's culture and we value our people. We are committed to hard work, open communication and building strong and long-lasting relationships.

We always place the needs of our customers first and we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers expectations in terms of product quality and service.

Our Mission  

Our Company’s goal is to promote sustainable development through innovative technology that allows nature and technology to co-exist.

Our Vision  

Our vision is to create a world where waste is an asset, not a liability.

What we do

We offer ecologically clean technology to industrial and municipal customers for the purpose of treating various types of waste. The process fully decomposes the waste, without leaving harmful toxic residue and produces valuable by-products. New developments in environmental technologies for waste recycling gain bigger and bigger importance each year worldwide.

Our Values

  1. Foster an environment of trust and mutual respect
  2. Conduct business with uncompromising integrity
  3. Encourage open communication and dialogue to achieve common goals
  4. Promote an environment, where achievement and knowledge are valued and rewarded