Honeycombs Ceramics B.V. is established in Europe and China. This global connection makes us unique, it takes one contact to make RTO business a low-cost and durable business. Our lines are short, we are always available, and both countries have sales offices and warehousing. Core feature: Efficiency. The way you do business with RTO providers can be converted to a more simple, safe and secure way. By giving you the opportunity to choose how, when and where. Our companies in the Netherlands and China have professional sales teams. And their goal is to assist you. You can decide which office to contact. 24/7. Our production in China is under strict policy of quality control. We have inspectors in China and the Netherlands who both follow strict instructions to meet our high standards. These standards are measured and recorded by SGS every year. Pricewise we offer high quality for low pricing. Next to quality, there is our extensive warehousing.

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Kastanjelaan 13 , Sassenheim , 2171 GJ Netherlands

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Air and Climate - Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than 1,000,000 €

Ceramic Heat Sink Media - Used for RTO. Honeycombs Ceramics B.V. - with our own production facility.
One of today's most widely accepted air pollution control technologies across industry is a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, commonly referred as a RTO. They are versatile and extremely efficient. Heat recovery efficiency can reach 97%. This is achieved through the storage of heat by dense ceramic. RTO are ideal in low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) concentrations and during long continuous operations.

Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) are devices that are commonly used in different industrial processes. Process gas is either pushed or pulled into an inlet manifold of the oxidizer via a system fan. Flow control valves direct this gas into energy recovery chambers where it is preheated. The process gas and contaminants are progressively heated in ceramic media beds as they move toward the combustion chamber. Once oxidized in the combustion chamber, the hot purified air releases thermal energy as it passes through the ceramic media bed in the outlet flow direction. The outlet bed is heated and the gas is cooled so that the outlet gas temperature is only slightly higher than the process inlet temperature. Poppet valves alternate the airflow direction into the ceramic media beds to maximize energy recovery within the oxidizer. The best thing about this kind of process is that it becomes possible to save a great deal of energy. Next to choosing or operating a RTO for your requirements, it is recommended to use the right Ceramic Media for full working efficiency. High standard quality with the right components makes performances not only durable, it will also sustain a low-cost radiance.

Our Honeycombs will do just that, with no fuss. High performance, low pricing. Where quality control is our core business. Manufactured in China, European quality control and inspection. Every year our quality is tested by SGS. Request an offer - ask questions, we are available 24/7. Contact our office in the Netherlands or in China, whichever one you prefer. We have stock in both countries, and with agreement we keep stock for your company. This means not ever going wrong when you need it.

European quality, Chinese production.