Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Howell Laboratories, Inc. engineers, manufactures, and tests critical equipment for demanding military and commercial applications. Our design and manufacturing processes are tightly controlled to ensure complete compliance to the most challenging specifications. For over 50 years, we have been designing equipment for the next generation, while supporting the last. And, our 100% employee ownership will continue to support the next generation as well. Whether your installation is on in a ship that deploys for months at a time or a mountaintop that is accessible for only a few weeks of the year – confidence is built into every piece of equipment we design and manufacture. HLI has partnered with an innovative ultra-filtration company to engineer and manufacture reliable and cost effective skids for water purification and water reuse applications in North America.

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188 Harrison Rd. , Bridgton , Maine 04009 USA
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)


HLI has a long history of designing and manufacturing custom systems suitable for demanding applications. For the US Navy, meeting their unique requirements of shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference survivability is paramount; for our Shively Division’s FM Broadcast customers, extensive uninterrupted coverage in harsh environments is the baseline. Our ability to develop products by applying new technologies to solve customer problems has driven our continued success for over five decades.

HLI is staffed with a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines with demonstrated knowledge in air dehydration and moisture measurement, electro-chlorination for water treatment, structural design and customization of coverage predictions through pattern studies.

Each design is conceptualized in three-dimensional space and analyzed using a full suite of tools including finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and High Frequency Structure Simulator as needed. These processes reduce the time required to manufacture the prototype, plus reduce the cycles needed to achieve optimization. Each product is manufactured and thoroughly tested by experienced technicians. We take pride in our capability to identify and develop the best possible solution to exceed requirements and lower our customer’s total ownership cost.

Beyond design, manufacture, and testing, our engineers and technicians are available to be onsite at new installations to support our customer, to ensure your equipment is installed correctly, and that your operators are trained to properly operate and maintain the equipment.

In 1964, Howell Laboratories, Inc. (HLI) incorporated and began designing and manufacturing equipment for the US Navy and US Coast Guard. In 1980 HLI purchased Shively Labs ( and consolidated operations at our current location. Shively Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HLI which designs and manufactures the world’s leading technology in FM broadcasting equipment.

HLI became an employee-owned company in 1995. We believe this employee ownership increases our competitiveness by increasing productivity through greater participation in the workplace, and that it maximizes human potential by enhancing the self-worth, dignity, and well-being of our team.

HLI developed and marketed many products over the years, beginning with compressed air system components such as desiccant dehydrators, air control panels, and high- and low-pressure frost point indicators. In the early 1970’s, HLI developed the first on-line gloss meter for the paper manufacturing industry. In the mid-1990’s HLI established a business relationship with BEKO Technologies and added membrane air dehydration technology to the product offerings for air systems. At the same time HLI began development of potable water treatment systems using Bromine. In the year 2000, HLI entered into a licensing arrangement with MIOX Corporation, and developed Electrolytic Disinfectant Generators to treat shipboard potable water systems. In addition, another agreement with Azienda Chimica Genovese (ACG) yielded development of seawater chlorine generators, also referred to as anti-fouling systems, used to treat seawater piping and heat exchangers to eliminate micro- and macro-fouling to keep them running efficiently.

HLI has a long history of designing custom systems suitable for the harsh marine environment. It is this ability to adapt current products or apply new technologies to solve customer’s problems that has driven our continued success for nearly five decades. HLI is proud to serve the US Navy and US Coast Guard; we now are taking these decades of experience to the commercial marine industry.