HS Protect

HS Protect

We are a Belgium based company primarily focused on surface protection and environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We provide products and protective solutions in the oil & gas, off shore, ship repair, automotive, aerospace, construction and many other industries. We work with an international client base across the world, including Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America and South Africa.

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Zavelstraat 7B , Stekene , Oost-Vlaanderen 9190 Belgium
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Globally (various continents)
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The company is owned by Mr. Herman Bertier who is currently serving as the General Director.

All our products are water based products and we manufacture them only out of natural or recycled raw materials. The recycled materials would be landfilled otherwise. Their use can dramatically reduce any company’s carbon footprint if they are used as a substitute to the conventional plastic protective systems.

Product Description
We have developed a unique, fast drying, easy to apply protective film coatings that will protect surfaces from damage. Our coatings are used as temporary protection on surfaces and replaces packaging and protective covers and are available in coloured or transparent versions.

HS Protect is a water based, single component, low sagging peelable coating created for the protection of surfaces against damage without affecting the underlying surface.

The liquid coating is easily applied manually by spraying, brush or roller, or it can be applied by automated industrial spray robots.
Upon drying, HS Protect forms a tough, flexible and durable film, providing excellent resistance and strength without blocking problems.
HS Protect is easily removed by hand peeling when desired, leaving a residue and dirt free surface behind.

HS Protect is designed to protect all non-porous surfaces against scratches, abrasion, debris, dirt, dust, oil, grease, fly rust, corrosion, paint overspray, natural sand blasting, etc. There are also some porous surfaces that can be protected with HS Protect such as concrete, natural stones, wood, etc.

HS Protect offers excellent protection for a multitude of materials: plastic, glass, metals, ceramics, acrylics, concrete, wood, etc.
Examples of application: windows and doors, sanitary fixtures, polished concrete (stairs, pillars, statues, flooring, etc.), new vehicles transported to dealers or while in use in abrasive environments (during sand storms, in mines or inside a construction site), protection of automotive and aerospace parts during storage or transportation, cranes, protection of coated metals during manufacturing or maintenance of large ships (pipes, hulls, flooring, etc.) painted ship hulls (protection against damage created by welding sparkles), gas and oil pipes during transportation or storage, spray booth coating, etc.


The benefits of HS Protect.

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  • Environmentally friendly water-based product
  • Simple and inexpensive
  • Prevents almost every damage
  • Valuable addition to large professional valuation of your end customer
  • Forms thin film layer in 30 minutes
  • Easy to remove
  • Prevents damage area


HS PROTECT has proven to be a less time-consuming and more cost-effective than the traditional methods of protection used on construction sites during transportation or storage.

Easy to apply, easy to remove
HS PROTECT can easily be applied with an airless spray gun, a paintbrush or a paint roller and can easily be removed in one single motion.

Prevents damage
HS PROTECT will protect your materials from any damage, including scratches, paint and mortar splashes.

HS PROTECT is a water-based and chemical-free product that can be disposed of as regular construction waste. It reduces the amount of transportation needed and the emission of CO2 and produces less waste than nother protection methods.

Highly cost-effective
HS PROTECT is a highly cost-effective product saving you not only time but also money.

Benefits your customer relations
HS PROTECT and its effective protection will help build stronger business relations. By doing away with damaged goods upon arrival/completion, trustworthy relations witch customers can be built.

Inside and outsite use possible
HS PROTECT can be applied both inside and outside. This will help you save up on inside storage space.

  • HS PROTECT is an air-drying protective coating that protects building materials during construction, metals, glass, furniture, architectural concrete, and any other non-porous substrate. The coating/foil will protect the underlying surface against weathering, filthiness, scratches and corrosive elements that could damage it.
  • The liquid coating can easily be applied by means of an airless spray gun, a paintbrush or a paint roller. After air-drying, the coating can just as easily be removed in one single motion, simultaneously removing all underlying dirt.
  • The eco-friendly HS PROTECT products are VOC-free and nonflammable, allowing them to be sorted with the regular waste.
  • HS PROTECT is THE product to protect all your projects!