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The company was founded as the limited partnership H. & J. Huesker & Co, in December 1861 in Gescher, Germany. With the dawn of rapid industrial expansion in the 19th century and the success of flax and hemp cultivation, Münsterland found itself in the spotlight of the European textile industry. Huesker is a manufacturer and distributor of high strength geosynthetics - both geogrids and geotextiles - that are especially designed for soil reinforcement applications such as slope and wall reinforcement, road base reinforcement. As a result, in 1863 the company began producing cotton textiles in its newly completed factory. Germany`s rapid industrial expansion during this period brought swift growth and by 1867 the company was already manufacturing on 200 looms.

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Fabrikstraße 13-15 , Gescher , 48712 Germany

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Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical
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Globally (various continents)
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In addition to the mass market, an extensive niche market also developed for products that could fulfil special functions in technically complex and economically highly efficient applications. In 1958, HUESKER recognized the extremely promising outlook for synthetic textiles and began its production of technical textiles with the manufacture of tarpaulin filter fabrics and sandbags.

This was followed by the development of multi-functional geotextiles and the design of sophisticated combined applications for separation, filtration and drainage.

Continuous expansion of the product range ultimately led to the foundation in 1973 of the independent, medium-sized company, HUESKER Synthetic GmbH, a global player with an extensive sales network of expert partners.

As a globally active company, we have ten subsidiaries and cooperates closely with trading and distribution partners in more than 60 countries. Here are the distribution partners from HUESKER.