Paul M. Snyder, a farmer all of his life, knew there was a need for an efficient way of draining large areas in farm fields. In June of 1984, while operating his farm in Carlisle, Indiana, Mr. Snyder invented and introduced the first Hurricane ditcher: the Model 16, a pull-type ditcher that attached to the back of a farm tractor. The Model 16 was first manufactured for Hurricane Ditcher by Verhoff Machine and Welding in Continental, Ohio, for three years. The Model 16 ditcher was modified to accommodate trashy conditions, creating the Hurricane Model 24 pull-type ditcher. Hurricane Ditcher became a corporation in April of 1986 with John L. Snyder, Paul’s son, as President and Paul M. Snyder as Secretary/Treasurer.

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After three years, the Snyders moved the manufacturing operation to a closer facility, T.A. Brouillette and Son, in Vincennes, Indiana.   In 1990, Hurricane Ditcher opened its own manufacturing facility in Vincennes, Indiana.  Many potential customers wished to see the new Model 24 in action before purchasing; therefore, demonstrations were set up. During a field day sponsored by a Kansas Soil and Water Conservation District, John had the idea of modifying the deflector shield into a longer shield, the terracing shield, to more accurately control the soil while operating. So, then evolved the Model 24 Ditcher-Terracer as it is still called today. Paul knew a more affordable ditcher for the less active farmer was needed.  The first 3-Pt PTO Ditcher was manufactured for Hurricane Ditcher by Farm World Manufacturing in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1986.  Shortly thereafter, the 3-Pt 10 was developed by Hurricane Ditcher.  The 3-Pt 20 ditcher was introduced in the fall of 1989.  The Hurricane 3-point hitch models are mainly used to eliminate surface drainage problems. To accommodate the varying needs of its customers, Hurricane Ditcher later began manufacturing the 3-Pt 15 and 3-Pt 26 models. It occurred to Paul that a lot of ditches could not be reached with these models, thus the Side-Arm ditcher was introduced in 1992. Many County and Township Road Departments were extremely interested in this particular ditcher. In March of 1993, the Side-Arm ditcher along with a Model 24 Ditcher-Terracer was exported to Venezuela. News about Hurricane ditchers was rapidly spreading worldwide!

Sales and manufacturing was growing at such a fast pace, that a larger facility was needed to build their ditchers. In December of 1993, Hurricane Ditcher moved to their present location in Vincennes, Indiana.  Situated on 17 acres, the site now consists of a welding shop, two fabrication buildings, a paint building and an office/parts warehouse.  

To meet the varying needs of their customers, a smaller more affordable side-arm ditcher was needed. Thus, the “Baby” Side-Arm ditcher was introduced to their family of ditchers in February of 1996. Immediately following its introduction, sales came from all over the United States. As the need arose, yet another model of side-arm ditchers was invented. The “Ditch Angel” originated in 2000 and is a right-hand side-arm ditcher, rather than left-hand as are the Original Side-Arm and “Baby” Side-Arm models.  The Ditch Angel has an optional 5-foot brush mower attachment which gives the “Ditch Angel” owner the versatility of using it as a ditcher or as a mower.

The most recently added models to the line of Hurricane ditchers are the “Swinger” and the 3-Pt 42. The Swinger, created in 2001, is a 3-point hitch model that has the ability to “swing” behind either tractor tire or any position in between, thus giving the owner greater versatility in varying ground conditions. The 3-Pt 42, introduced in 2006, is a 3-Pt hitch model operating with the same 42' diameter impeller as the Original Side-Arm.  With its rugged design it can take the punishment it will receive working in extremely trashy conditions such as sod or stalks.

Whatever your ditching, waterway or terracing needs, Hurricane Ditcher Company has a model to fit your requirements.  As a family owned and operated business, it is our philosophy to make ditchers that you can depend on for years of reliable service.