Hydro Composites, LLC

Hydro Composites, LLC

Hydro Composites, LLC, located fifty miles southeast of San Antonio, Texas, has been manufacturing fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks and a variety of other FRP products since 2007. Hydro Composites, LLC began immediate production in August 2007 of specialized fiberglass products for the Aquaculture, Irrigation and Wastewater industries. Since 2007, Hydro Composites has diversified and now manufactures products such as rainwater capture tanks, water slides, amusement rides, sports products, Hide A Way wild life blinds, sugar kettles and pre-formed ponds. We also manufacture OEM products and offer repair services for all fiberglass needs.

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2230 US Hwy 87 E , Stockdale , Texas 78160 USA

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Water Storage
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Hydro Composites, LLC, began manufacturing tanks for the aquaculture industry and continues to provide customers with high quality FRP products for Aquaculture.  Hydro Composites offers a full line of tanks for use in aquaculture from hatchery to harvest. Our products and services serve a wide range of applications such as amusement and waterparks, aquaculture and aquaponics, chemical secondary containment, rainwater collection, waste water treatment, oil and gas drilling, farm & ranch, sports equipment and landscaping.  Our experienced and dedicated staff, together with our modern facility & equipment and our streamlined manufacturing process allow us to assure both quality and timely delivery of our FRP products.

All of our standard aquaculture tanks are fabricated using premium FDA approvable resins and gel coats with E-glass and woven roving structural layer(s).  Our tanks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, including a smooth glossy interior gel coat surface and an exterior surface free of burs and sharp edges with an outer gel coat layer.

Our staff has the experience, tools and equipment to make your custom fiberglass or OEM product a reality.  With CAD resources and a highly experienced fabrication team Hydro Composites, LLC does its own mold work and offers design assistance for your products.  We have the ability to offer manufacturers high volumes of repetitive parts for their products to meet their manufacturing needs.  Contact us today to help you turn your custom or OEM concept into cash for your business.

With CAD drawing capabilities and a highly experienced fabrication team Hydro Composites, LLC does its own mold work and engineering for products. We have the ability to be a “one stop fiberglass shop” for all of your FRP needs.