Hydro System Treatment (HST) S.r.l

Hydro System Treatment (HST) S.r.l

HST is part of the `Zinoni Group`: every company works in different industrial sector. Polyethylene pressure tanks with winding in reinforced glassfiber and resin, cabinets, brine tanks and several components and accessories are the core business of HST. All the above mentioned components are designed and realized to make water treatment systems more efficient. An unfailing pursuit of quality has been the principal ingredient of HST success.

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Via Circonvallazione n°30 , San Gervasio Bresciano (Bs) , 25020 Italy

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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

HST/ Productions
Thanks to a deep knowledge of the water treatment systems, a multidecennial experience in blow-moulding and injection and an acquisition of new technics in the composite fibre field, HST has been able to market innovative customerdriven products, that have gained fast esteem and preference of a large clientele.

HST believes in the Italian production model which combines ingredients of high quality, research and constant controls. The mission of HST is today to meet the customers' requirements in order to offer not only an high quality products but also an exclusive product, customized as to colour, logo, dimensions and design. The courage and the curiosity inspire HST policy and let its customers share its values and its sense of belonging to the group.

The Group supports its clients in every phase of the project, from the conception to the realization, and so highly qualified professional, it is able to offer all the needed consultancy: technical analysis, material advice and customized solution to better meet any requirements.
From the experience of the first founded company were born other 5 companies, each of them is today focused on a particular production field, granting the possibility to obtain the best product.
Zvr Plastic / Zinoni Group
  • Hidro-sanitary. Heavy duty.
Ziber Plast / Zinoni Group
  • Hospital equipment. Furniture for commercial spaces. Motor racing project. Poultry farming.
Soffi Plast / Zinoni Group
  • Child care. Toys.
Asco Plast / Zinoni Group
  • Water treatment. Industrial cleaning. Agriculture.
Futura Plast / Zinoni Group
  • Automotive. Household applications.
Zetabi Plast / Zinoni Group
  • Automotive.