HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC

HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC

Since its introduction in 1986, HydroCAD has offered a dramatic alternative to the tedium and drudgery of traditional hydrology software such as TR-20 and TR-55. Although originally developed to help engineers manage large, complex projects, HydroCAD`s quick, intuitive operation makes it ideal for projects of any size. In fact, HydroCAD`s popularity ranges from consulting engineers designing single ponds, to large engineering firms modeling thousands of acres, to municipal and regional agencies responsible for entire watersheds.

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P.O. Box 477 , Chocorua , NH 03817 USA
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Software vendor
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Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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HydroCAD is a Computer Aided Design tool used by Civil Engineers for modeling stormwater runoff. HydroCAD provides a wide range of commonly used drainage calculations including:

  • SCS, NRCS, SBUH runoff hydrology
  • Rational Method with automatic IDF curves
  • Use local rainfall or the predefined rainfall library
  • Unlimited hydrograph points
  • Hydrograph routing through ponds & reaches
  • Coupled ponds with automatic tailwater
  • Automatic hydraulics and culvert calculations
  • Advanced flow simulations including pumps and float valves
  • Progressive dam breach simulations
  • Automatic pond storage calculations, including embedded storage chambers
  • Automatic layout and modeling of underground storage systems
  • Land-use analysis and pollutant loading calculations
  • Built-in CAD watershed import
  • Easy management and reporting of multiple rainfall events
  • Runs on any Windows PC - No other CAD software required

HydroCAD is ideal for studies using the TR-20, TR-55, or SBUH methods. (Please visit the Hydrology Library for background information.) HydroCAD provides a wide range of standard H&H techniques in an easy-to-use graphical form, managed by the on-screen routing diagram we pioneered in 1986.