HydroNovation Inc

HydroNovation Inc

HydroNovation Inc has been established to manufacture ElectroConditioning modules of various sizes for a variety of commercial and residential applications. Our primary business goal is to partner with companies that supply complete water treatment systems for these applications. HydroNovation is the next generation of residential/commercial water treatment. HydroDI, licensed from Siemens, allows customers to save water and energy, improve water quality, reduce waste discharge, and eliminate chemicals and salt handling. Our innovative HydroDI technology provides the taste and quality benefits of a combined water softener and reverse osmosis system, without the brine discharge and excessive water wasted by traditional systems. We are proud to unleash the evolution in water treatment technology and lead the industry toward more environmentally-friendly and efficient solutions.

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20 Centerpointe Drive Suite 110 , La Palma , California 90623 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

At HydroNovation, we recognize the immense and competing challenges of water scarcity, consistent quality and environmental stewardship facing the treatment industry and are dedicated to providing unique solutions for homes and businesses.

As drought, water scarcity and chemical contamination of drinking water plague much of the United States, home and business owners across the country are reassessing water usage and filtration practices and opting for cleaner, more environmentally-conscious solutions.

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Southern California-based HydroNovation has developed the environmentally-conscious HydroDI water purification technology for residential and commercial applications. Developed under an exclusive license from global industrial water leader Evoqua Water Technologies, HydroDI combines the benefits of a water softener and reverse osmosis system, enabling customers to save water and energy, eliminate chemical handling and reduce waste discharge.

Our Mission

HydroNovation is committed to providing ecological and innovative solutions to drinking water treatment. Our HydroDI line of hydro-deionization products address the need for safe, high quality drinking and beverage water

Our History

Founded 2008 by electrodeionization pioneer Anil Jha, HydroNovation is unleashing an evolution in environmentally-conscious water treatment.  HydroNovation has taken the electrodeionization concept used for decades in laboratory and ultrapure applications and re-envisioned the process on a smaller scale for commercial and residential use.

The proprietary HydroDI technology uses no chemicals, resins or additives to achieve optimal drinking and household quality water to every tap in the home. The unique system uses a system of membrane filtration and electrical conductivity to remove harmful ionic contaminants while allowing beneficial minerals to pass though.

Early investors in the HydroDI technology included Clean Pacific Ventures, 3M Purification and Kemflo.