ICLEI — Local Governments for Sustainability

ICLEI is the world`s largest association of local and metropolitan governments dedicated to sustainable development. ICLEI is an energetic and flexible movement, working together with national, regional and international networks, driving performance-based programs, advancing through an international exchange of experiences and solutions. ICLEI is an effective sustainable and environmental agency, strengthening local governments` capacities, providing advanced knowledge and serving as the gateway to solutions for the future. ICLEI is a dedicated membership organization for capacitating local governments and for being partners in implementing global sustainability targets.

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Global challenges require local solutions and global governance. Protecting the climate, biodiversity, air quality and freshwater resources needs international commitment and cooperation between all levels of government.

ICLEI is an:

  • Association of over 1,200 local governments that represents the interests of local authorities within the United Nations and at international policy forums.
  • A movement driving positive change on a global scale through programmes and campaigns on local sustainability.
  • A resource centre offering information, tools, networking, training and consulting services.

ICLEI is the only network of sustainable cities operating worldwide. The organisation facilitates local government input to United Nations (UN), processes such as the UN Framework Conventions on Climate Change, and Biodiversity. In partnership with the UN and other organisations, as well as national governments, ICLEI puts in the groundwork for more ambitious and more responsible international commitments - and seeks global recognition and support for local action.

Cities have what it takes to inspire and empower the innovations and changes that are required in today’s world.

  • Cities are the home to universities, government power centers, corporate headquarters and over 50% of the global population
  • Cities are the pillars on which the prosperity and sustainability of our collective global future depend on
  • Cities are the engines of innovation, economic growth and job creation
  • Cities are platforms for building partnerships with residents and businesses, designing incentives and enforcing regulations

  • ICLEI connects leaders
    • We connect cities to promote mutual learning and generate synergies
    • We connect city leaders to UN leaders, business leaders, scientific leaders and NGO leaders
  • ICLEI accelerates action
    • We advocate better framework conditions for cities to perform
    • We run programs and campaigns to help cities go for more radical solutions and to advance rapidly
    • We provide cities with tools and trainings
  • ICLEI serves as gateway to solutions
    • We have a knowledge base of solutions, maintain partnerships with businesses, researchers and expert organizations, and connects cities with solutions providers
    • We support cities to become sustainable through our 8 Urban Agendas