The Illinois Soil Testing Association (ISTA) is an organization of professionals dedicated to: quality soil testing accurate reporting sound management advice Information sharing Our organization was founded on the premise that farmers and others in need of soil analyses must have information that is reliable, consistent and accurate. To ensure our members provide data that meet these standards, ISTA maintains an accreditation program that is developed by the organization`s board of directors and approved by the voting members.

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ISTA includes some 50 individual members and represents nearly 30 labs and businesses throughout Illinois and neighboring states. We are involved in research funding, information sharing and quality control for the member labs and consultants. Our advisory board includes members on-staff at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and other key universities.

The organization holds two meetings annually - a winter meeting normally held in February and a summer meeting in July. The meetings are designed to allow members to share information on new techniques and products, share new findings on old techniques and products, discuss on-going projects, conduct business, review field research, and get to know our fellow members a little better.

Our Objectives
The primary objective of ISTA is to promote the interest of agriculture in Illinois by increasing the efficiency of production of the state's farm crops and the profits resulting through the development, use and acceptance of proper soil testing methods and fertilizer recommendations principles.

These purposes are accomplished by:

  1. Promoting and developing educational activities related to soil testing and fertilizer recommendations such as workshops, field meetings, demonstrations and displays, and the preparation and distribution of educational materials.
  2. Cooperation with educational institutions and agencies concerning important problems confronting any segment of the soil testing profession.
  3. Counseling with governmental officials and administrators on laws, policies, regulations, rulings, procedures, and decisions directly or indirectly affecting soil testing or any segment of the soil testing profession.
  4. Counseling with industry leaders on matters of material interest and concern that may directly or indirectly affect soil testing or any segment of the soil testing profession.
  5. Developing and adopting standards of professional and business ethics among membership and by promoting equitable trade practices.
  6. Providing for and promoting the use of proper soil sampling procedures approved by the association.
  7. Providing for an promoting the use of soil testing procedures approved by the association.
  8. Providing incentives for laboratories to achieve the highest possible performance level of soil testing.
  9. Recognizing that recommendations for soil treatment are a professional judgment based on both an interpretation of the soil test results and a knowledge of the field history and should be made by or under the direct supervision of a qualified person meeting standards approved by the association.
  10. Fostering an organization that will be sound in its thinking and aggressive in its action with the necessary influence, ability and resources to carry out the purposes, objectives and mission of the association.