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Imperial Industries, Inc. originated back in 1981 when a small group of investors began designing and manufacturing Agricultural Feed Bins. Along with process of manufacturing Feed Bins, came the expertise with rolling and manufacturing tanks. It was this concept that led the group to the idea that they could compete and become a future manufacturer in the Industrial Bulk Storage market. Along with this, came an interest from Mr. Ed Creske who purchased the company in 1986 and also at the same time purchased the rights to a line of Liquid Manure Tanks and Pumps, which eventually became known as Calumet. Through numerous years of hard work and dedication, the company continued to explore other markets that utilized tanks and in 1987 they realized that liquid waste handling might be a great fit for Imperial Industries, Inc. and their future growth.

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Imperial Industries, Inc. has since grown and now offers four major product lines and has a work force of approximately 150 employees.

Industrial Division

The Industrial Division specializes in manufacturing factory and field welded bulk storage tanks and silos for virtually any dry bulk material and a wide variety of liquids.  Imperial Industrial Tanks/Silos serve many industries across the world with storage solutions for plastics, powder, food, waste treatment and chemical companies.

Commercial Truck Mount Division

The Truck Mount Division shares the reputation for exceptional quality and value within the industry.  Through the past twenty years, Imperial has grown in all facets of the Liquid Waste Industry, including but not limited to, Septic and Grease Units, Portable Restroom Service Units, 407/412 DOT Certified Units and the latest addition to its’ product line, Aluminum Vacuum Trailer Units.  Imperial represents one of the few manufacturers in the industry that design and manufacture their own tanks in Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Poly Products

In 2010, Imperial introduced its own line of Portable Restrooms and Wash Sinks to the market.  The Poly Products are in its initial stages of gaining market share and recognition within the industry and look to be a product of the future for Imperial Industries, Inc.

Calumet Division

The Calumet Division consists of Liquid Manure Products that service the Agricultural Industry.  Calumet offers some of the finest products available for managing Liquid Manure, offering Spreader and Vacuum Tanks ranging from 1500 gallon to 6000 gallons in capacity and a line of Pit and Lagoon Pumps.

Imperial Industries, Inc. has years of experience in designing and manufacturing tanks and silos that are used in many industries throughout the world and are well respected for their design and quality.  The workforce at Imperial Industries, Inc. works extremely hard and takes great pride in providing their customers with quality products and services.