For over twenty years IMS Consulting has helped corporates, NGOs and government agencies to develop sustainability strategies, communicate those strategies effectively and to engage with key stakeholders.We believe that the path to successfully implementing sustainability with an organisation doesn’t have a set ‘beginning’ or ‘end’; rather it’s a looping process of strategy development, intelligent communication and stakeholder engagement.By using this process, an organisation will understand what sustainability means to their stakeholders, then develop and communicate an informed and effective strategy based upon this intelligence. Today, the most forward thinking organisations realise that sustainability and gaining competitive advantage are inextricably linked.

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How We Work

IMS believes that the path to embedding sustainability within an organisation is one of continual improvement. With this in mind, we have developed a cyclical framework to help our clients – with no fixed start or end points. This encompasses stakeholder engagement, strategy development and communication.

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Who We Work With

IMS Consulting works with organisations from the private, public and academic sectors, ranging from forward-looking SMEs to large multinationals. Some of our clients are looking for guidance on how to start out on their sustainability journey, while others are much further advanced and require a ‘critical friend’ to help them understand how they can do more.

Although no two clients are alike, we do seem to work more extensively with companies that realise they are already good; but could be better, and want to take the next step towards improved sustainable performance. In 2012, we worked with the Green Construction Board, Skanska AB, Bouygues UK, Jewson, British Water, Michelin, Saint-Gobain and British Land – to name a few.

Why We Are Unique

The IMS team brings together a wealth of knowledge on sustainability, the built environment, carbon and water. The diversity of our workforce is one of our most valued assets, and is actively promoted within the business. The backgrounds of our staff cover communications and environmental management disciplines and we are united by a passion for helping businesses improve their sustainability performance.

IMS 2012 Review

IMS Consulting specialise in providing expert advice and guidance to help organisations unlock their sustainability potential. We work with clients to help them engage effectively with stakeholders to understand what sustainability means to them. We then use outcomes from this engagement to inform sustainability strategies, and communicate these strategies to the key stakeholders.