Indra S.r.l.

Indra S.r.l.

Set up in 1987 our Company is nowadays at the forefront in the designing and manufacturing of a new concept instrumentation Valves: Manifolds, Monoflanges, SBB & DBB both in needle and ball types, strictly produced in according to the most stringent quality standards of safety and efficiency. Our products are machined from the most standard materials but also from those ‘exotic’ materials used for critical applications (Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel...). Moreover, our valves production can be completed with complementary accessories, something that makes Indra a favorite and reliable partner for those companies that supply ‘packages’ of various matching goods. Our products are widely use in the Chemical, Petrolchemical, Oil & Gas, Off-Shore, Power Generation, Naval industries, etc., used as components of plants and machineries with an high commercial and technological value. We are building our business network in the world.

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via Novara 10/B-C , Magenta (MI) , 20013 Italy
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Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our experience in the understanding of applications requirements, combined with our high flexibility, allows us to develop customized solutions designed for customers’ specific needs.

Our Company is ISO 9001, 14001 e 18001 certified.

Our headquarters is in Magenta west of Milan – in a 3.000 sqm owned building, 1.000 sqm of which are designated as offices. Indra is currently setting up its world wide business-network with several local distributors. In 2013 BRASINDRA Participações Ltda has been announced as the new Brazilian Company by Indra. Brasindra is based in São Paulo aiming for an active role into the Brazilian market and for a more efficient and direct service to our customers.

The constant research for a 'Uniform Quality System' is the solid foundation of our Company, enlivened by the incessant aim of improvement both of our products and activities that define our production.

With a technological forefront attitude, the respect of the undeniable internal and expected requirements, the consolidation of a motivating work environment – meant to inspire self-awareness and sensitivity in our people – we are concerned about dealing with anomalies and devoted to prevent and correct our course. With this goals in mind we commit ourselves to:

  • promote and pursue a dedicated improvement of our performances, aiming that our activities will be handled, and constantly improved, in respect of clients expectations but also concerned about the Health and Safety of any involved party, including the Environment;
  • work in observance of the laws, norms and requirements defined by the related Organizations that regulate the above mentioned aspects also improving, and systematically updating, our Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy;
  • guarantee the undeniable principle of non-discrimination along the hiring and collocation process;
  • improve our products and the production process willing to prevent pollution, accidents and diseases.

Our Targets of Improvement are sensitive to the following criteria:

  • constant monitoring as to secure the conformity of the goods and the safety of all production procedures, to prevent damages and securing Health and Safety for our employees and any involved party, including the Environment;
  • guarantee of high levels of efficiency and efficacy securing Health and Safety of our employees and any involved partyincluding the Environmentby meticulous upgrading and maintenance of machinery, infrastructures and equipment;
  • promotion of our Health and Safety goals devoted to: client and sub-suppliers satisfaction, product conformity, defense of Health and Safety;
  • maximum transparency and cooperation with our employees, clients, sub-suppliers, community and institutions;
  • improvement of the goods and client satisfaction;
  • enhancement of out general production and management as to reduce the consumption of assets and resources, energy and waste;
  • the constant upgrading of all protections that occur in those activities for which some risks cannot be technically eliminated, by applying the most innovative technologies in the field of Health and Safety.

The following parameters are to be measured as to achieve the above mentioned Targets of Improvement:

  • client satisfaction trend;
  • non-conformity of goods and production trend;
  • specific company indicators trend;
  • internal audit results trend;
  • sub-supplier performances trend;
  • accidents, injuries and work illnesses trend;
  • effectiveness of prevention and protection trend;

These Targets of improvement are defined along the process of re-examination of the procedures and are formalized into the plans of improvement that include the related: measurement parameters, the required assets and the planning of the development-schedules. These have to be make known to all the involved parties.