As an air filtration manufacturer specializing in industrial and commercial air filtration, our strength comes from hard work, a determination to be the best at what we do, applying sound management principles and hiring quality employees. We will pay close attention to the industrial air cleaner marketplace and do the things that make the most sense for our distribution channel and end-users. As an air filtration company, we will provide a friendly, fun and relaxed work environment, while keeping a clear focus on our business goals. We will always take into consideration what effect our business practices have on our air, land and water resources.

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351 S. 12th Rd. , Cortland , Nebraska 68331 USA

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Health and Safety - Indoor Air
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Industrial Maid prides itself on being innovative, building quality products and offering solid engineering and design skills for industrial air filtration projects. We are an air filtration manufacturer with an environmental conscience. Our standard products feature recycled high density polyethylene plastic for the cabinet housings. A typical cabinet saves over 350 milk jugs from going to our local landfills.

As an air filtration company, Industrial Maid deals mostly with local companies for the supply of assembly components and parts. Precise Fabrication in Beatrice and Source One in Lincoln, NE, manufacture the steel cabinet frames and Recycled Plastics in Garfield MN supplies most of the black matte plastic used in the cabinet housings. Our philosophy is to try to purchase locally when possible and we are glad to be located in the Heart of the Midwest.

Our buildings (pictured above) are in the new Tower Industrial Park, just north of Cortland, NE. Industrial Maid owns 6 acres with 2 buildings totaling 22,500 sq ft. We are 20 minutes from I 80, one hour from I 29 & 1 ½ hours from I 70 – the key Interstates in the Central Midwest. The industrial tract gives Industrial Maid great access off of the four lane Hwy 77, and room to grow in the future!

We have selectively developed a distribution network of dealers located throughout North America. These distribution partners help to provide local sales and service to the US markets as well as Canada and Mexico. Products made and assembled by the Industrial Maid air filtration manufacturer include commercial air cleaners, industrial air cleaners, ambient air cleaners, robotic hood systems, environmental work booths, down draft benches and oil mist collection units. All of these products are designed to collect smoke, fumes, mist or other fugitive dusts in commercial and industrial environments.

The goal of the team at our air filtration company is to help business owner’s provide a clean, safe and efficient work environment. Our air filtration company products can help industrial facilities save on energy dollars (not exhausting heated or cooled air to the outside environment), keep a clean manufacturing facility and protect worker’s from exposure to welding smoke and fumes, grinding dust, wood dust, vapors and other air borne contaminants.

Plastics are not just for toys and electronics anymore!

As an air filtration manufacturer, we are changing the industrial air filtration market by offering light weight, non-corrosive environmentally friendly solutions!

Industrial Maid has developed a line of industrial air cleaners and air filtration products that utilizes a green manufacturing process by using recycled high density polyethylene plastic.

The outer cabinet is fabricated from plastic rather than steel. The use of plastic versus steel offers several key benefits including the following:

  • Lower cost than steel
  • Resists denting and scratching
  • Dampens the noise of the motor/blower
  • Plastic is 38% the weight of steel (lighter finished product)
  • Manufacturing polyethylene requires only a fraction of the energy required to produce steel from iron ore
  • Less waste stream for compliance to ISO 14,001 purchasing standards (less water, air and soil contamination in the manufacturing process i.e. no painting, grinding, washing & welding involved on the exterior cabinet)
  • Very resistant to caustic materials that may break down steel and its coatings
  • May be recycled up to 10 times during its organic life cycle

The polyethylene plastic does not offer the same strength characteristics of steel, but that is not a critical factor with the air filtration cabinets.

Polyethylene does meet all NFPA fire codes for an exposed material.

Summary - the use of plastic in the manufacturing process for air filtration products will help the user in the following ways:

  • Lighter equipment for shipping and hanging installations
  • Less noise than a traditional steel unit with comparable motor/blower
  • Fully modular and easily re-configured in the field
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Better appearance with no chance of rust or scratches
  • More versatile in harsh environments
  • Less expensive final product

An average air cleaning unit manufactured by Industrial Maid, such as the AzTech 3000 pictured here saves over 360 plastic containers from going to our landfills