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  • Specialized Crimping Machines

    Specialized Crimping Machines

    Performs precision cripming on stainless steel tubes used in cryogenic tanks. Available in several designs depending on tube lengths.

  • Pressure Test Units

    Pressure Test Units

    Our proprietary and patent pending pressure testing machines are used to test various tank sizes with a secure test chamber. Featuring Allen Bradley PLC controls and integrated HMI flexibility, pressures from 50 PSI to 250 PSI can be tested in one unit. Unique design allows users to test tanks in either bottom fill or top nozzle fill orientation.

  • Molecular Sieve Dispensing and Bed Building Machines

    Molecular Sieve Dispensing and Bed Building Machines

    We design and manufacture molecular sieve handling and molecular sieve bed building assembly line machines featuring fully automated process controls, unrivaled accuracy, and high production rate throughputs.

  • Recycling Equipment

    Recycling Equipment

    Industrial Maintenance Group offers complete field service on all major brands of recycling equipment. Our service includes: Relining of horizontal  balers  Our quality and prices are the best in the industry. Shredder and Compactor repair and service. Installation and Removal of Equipment. Hydraulic, Electrical and Controls repair and service. Conveyor Systems. Ferrous Metal Magnets. Refurbished Equipment Sales.