Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre

The INVC is an award winning noise and vibration engineering consultancy and the major provider of noise and hand-arm vibration competency training in the UK. Innovative technology allows us to reduce typical noise control project costs by 50%-80%, whilst our HAV database provides a low cost risk assessment option.

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889 Plymouth Road , Slough , SL1 4LP SL1 4LP United Kingdom

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Engineering service provider
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Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration
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Globally (various continents)
less than 1,000,000 €

A client list that includes a who’s who of the major public and commercial organisations is a consequence of a very successful track record. Our reputation is built on the ability to provide elegant and innovative solutions to problems in addition to conventional techniques. This gives you more options, a guarantee that you’ll be using current best practice – plus typical project cost savings of 50% – 80%.

A second opinion…

Many organisations now have procedures in place that skip the process of getting our second opinion on projects to avoid making potentially costly mistakes in favour of simply getting their first opinion from us – saving time and hassle…

This video blog by our technical director, Peter Wilson, outlines our approach with examples…

Noise and Vibration Consultancy

Best Practice: whatever problem a client has, we make sure they get the best practical advice and solution available – anywhere. Wherever existing best practice is a hassle or not up to par for the circumstances, we’ve tended to develop new best practices. Fundamentally, we just enjoy innovating…

we’ve used yoghurt, tobacco and millennium bridge-esque techniques to control noise…
we’ve developed an award winning (and best practice) fan noise control technology that could save the UK millions of tons of CO2 per annum through increased efficiency…


Effective Training: noise and vibration are technical subjects, but, despite current convention, they don’t have to be academic (we suspect a plot…). As busy professionals don’t generally have the time (or the inclination) to become specialists, we have made our training pithily pragmatic, effective – and enjoyable…

we developed a unique, totally non-mathematical way to teach noise (the taming of dB)…
a picture and a sound speak 1k words. We use a lot of media examples – it’s been suggested that we should do the Christmas Lecture…



INVC noise and vibration consultancy officesThe INVC was set up in 1985 as a management buy-out of the Lucas Industries noise and vibration engineering consultancy services. These services covered extensive practical experience in the automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing and product development as well as providing training for diverse organisations including the I.Mech.E. Since then, we have provided an expanding range of noise and vibration related engineering consultant activities, training services and bespoke noise analysis systems. The sheer range of projects makes for very interesting and challenging work for any consultant with an interest in engineering. This heritage combined with cross fertilisation across industries (e.g. chocolate and concrete processing have much in common!) has also generated a constant stream of innovations and case studies incorporated into the popular training courses we run for the major UK training organisations.

The success of our approach has made us the company of choice with respect to our specialities for a diverse range of companies such as Cadbury, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestlé, CMB, CompAir, Coca Cola, BAA, Desoutter and many others.


Most of our consultants are degree qualified Mechanical Engineers with a wide range of experience across industries such as aerospace, automotive, gas turbines, marine…. Plus on the environmental noise consultancy side, we also have an ex L.A. gamekeeper turned poacher (or should that be vice versa?). In addition, many of us also have very extensive experience in effective training, blending the practical expertise with an ability to put over technical topics in a non-academic manner.


Per capita, the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre is probably one of the best equipped noise and vibration consultancies in the country. Each engineer has a sophisticated sound level meter, solid state digital recorder, vibration meter, notebook PC and frequency analyser. This “basic” kit is backed by a raft of more specialised equipment for more esoteric work (and if nothing suitable has been available, we have often designed our own).