Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) – a national research organization that serves to strengthen the technological competitiveness of Taiwan. Since our inception, ITRI has three mission statements: first, to expedite the development of new industrial technology; two, to aid in the process of upgrading industrial technology techniques; and three, to establish future industrial technology. However, in order to face a new economic era and serving as a nation`s premiere technology research institute, ITRI must transform Taiwan`s research capability from a “follower” to a “pioneer” in order to provide major advantage and opportunities for domestic industries. As of today more than 60% of the ITRI`s 6,000 employees hold either a Master`s degree or PhD in their respective field of studies: Communication and Optoelectronics, Precision Machinery and MEMS, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Technology, Sustainable Development, and Nanotechnology. Our focus on these six

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Research institute
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University / Academia / Research
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