Infastaub GmbH

Infastaub GmbH

For more than four decades Infastaub GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of dedusting solutions for the industry worldwide. Since 1967 we have been providing complete and tailor-made solutions for our clients: from project planning to design and manufacturing up to installation and spare parts supply. Thanks to the long-term experience of our engineers, designers and manufacturing specialists we continuously launch new and innovative products. For many companies, we are a respected and reliable partner. You can count on the fact that we not only provide technologically outstanding solutions, but also offer the best services for our clients thanks to our know how. We systematically implement our experience gained over more than 50 years of filtration technology in the development and optimization of dedusting solutions. Our specialists and our long-term experience will give you the absolute certainty that the implementation of your dedusting project will be a great success.

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Niederstedter Weg 19 , Bad Homburg v.d.H. , 61348 Germany
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Air Filtration
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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Central overall task of Infastaub is the manufacturing of efficient and reliable filtering installations as well as the commitment to integrity, transparency, trustful cooperation and dialogue. All company processes and with it the quality of our activities are crucially made by our employees. Motivated, independently acting, competent and willing to learn employees and satisfied customers are the most important factors of success of our company. That's why our employees are systematically trained and continously qualified internal and external. Tranining successes are systematically estimated and monitored.


Our integrated quality management system is central basis for all processes in all parts of our company. The applied quality management system fulfills all safety and quality guidelines that are demanded by European legislation.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for many years. The successful certification of OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) is also proven.

Customer focus

The close liaison to our customers, respect to one another, a cooperative interaction, peersonal service and the consequent focus on the market are the basis of our customer orientation. This means in detail:

  • optimal customer service
  • high delivery ability
  • on-time delivey
  • top serivce
  • competent and familiar contact persons

We have close networks in Germany and on all continents. This way we can react fast and flexibly on market demands and ensure an area-wide proximity to our customers. With it you benefit from our strong business connections with sales partners and industry leading alliance partners. Only so we can react fast and flexibly on current demands and trends. Or even are one step ahead.

Planning + Manufacturing

We plan and produce according to your demands

Besides the comprehensive portfolio of filters manufactured in series, we plan and manufacture tailor-made industrial dust extraction solutions according to customer’s specifications.

We invest in modern manufacturing methods, new developments, adaption of prouding on market demands and in our employees. Because only continuous innovations secure a long-term success.

At the beginning of the company's history are three people with a great idea and a great portion of courage. In 1968 the team of founders came out with the company 'Alphastaub', today known as 'Infastaub'. Since foundation 50 years ago Infastaub is substantially grown, de-dusting of industrial processes is still in focus of the business activity.

1967 to 1980
  • 1973: Change of the company name into 'Infastaub GmbH Ges. für Staubtechnik'
  • 1976: Product launch of the round filter INFA-MINI-JET (AJM)
  • 1970: Intensiv-Filter, one of the leading manufacturers of de-dusting plants, becomes main shareholder
  • 1970: One of the founders dies in a car accident
  • 1968: Bad Homburg becomes head office of the company
  • 1967: Incorporation of the Company Alphastaub based in Düsseldorf, start of the product driver Alpha-Mat (AM) and Alpha-Jet (AJ)

1980 to 2000
  • 1980: Delivery of the first cassette filter INFA-MICRON (MKR) for the pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear and heavy metal industry
  • 1990: Product launch of the cartridge filter INFA-JETRON (AJP)
  • 1991: Expansion of the site Bad Homburg and enlargement of the production and office area
  • 1992: Infastaub celebrates ist 25th anniversary
  • 1992: Silo filter INFA-JETRON (AJB) with pneumatic cleaning and round filter INFA-VARIO-JET (AJV) are sold for the first time
  • 1994: First DIN ISO certification
  • 1998: Product launch of the silo pocket filter INFA-MAT (AM 204)
  • 1998: The fiirst pleated element filter INFA-LAMELLEN-JET (AJL) is delivered 
  • 1999: Change of construction based on 3D CAD

2000 to today
  • 2004: Entry into the Russian market 
  • 2007: Infastaub celebrates ist 40th anniversary 
  • 2007: Joachim Thiele leaves the company after 40 years, Berthold Geppert takes over the  executive board 
  • 2008: Growth results in Leasing of a further production plant for the welding fabrication
  • 2008: Product launch of the cartridge filter INFA-MICRON (MPR) for Separation of finest dusts and particulate matters 
  • 2010: Introduction of the new Claim „Breathe the Difference: Pure Air“ 
  • 2010: Product Launch of the rectangular silo vent filter INFA-JETRON (AJP)
  • 2012: Infastaub goes YouTube und publishs ist first film about Explosion tests on social media
  • 2012: Pressure shock resistance of the cartridge filter INFA-MICRON (MPR) for hybride mixtures is proven
  • 2015: Relocation of plant 2 to Oberursel