Innovas Technologies LLC

Innovas Technologies offers automatic condenser and chiller tube cleaning systems. These systems work to prevent tube microfouling and scaling, and dramatically improve chiller efficiency and industrial cooling process performance. You’ll save energy, reduce maintenance, and extend the life of your capital equipment — making them your best value.

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Technology Innovation Center 2261 Crosspark Rd Suite 31 , Coralville , Iowa 52241 USA

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Internationally (various countries)

Clean Tubes, Clear Savings

Innovas’ solutions prevent fouling in your cooling system, so you save energy, water and money — leaving you with a clear conscience.

Innovas Advantages
  • Energy-saving: Our systems reduce comfort cooling energy costs by up to 25% and improve cooling process efficiency.
  • Money-saving: Our systems improve chiller energy efficiency, reduce maintenance, reduce tube corrosion and failure, and extend the life of your capital equipment — saving you money in the long run.
  • Sustainable: Our solutions are chemical-free, reducing safety, health and environmental concerns.
  • Proven: Our products have already proven their value to our clients nationwide–saving them thousands of dollars every year.
  • Simple: Our systems are designed for reliability. Moving parts are minimized to prevent mechanical failure and produce world-class performance.

Our Mission

At Innovas Technologies, we believe energy conservation is the largest opportunity for a sustainable future.  We also believe there is a better way than the status quo of accepting fouled heat exchangers and manual or chemical cleaning as a necessary evil.  We are committed to providing innovative technology to optimize heat transfer efficiency.  We believe there is always a better way!