Inproheat Industries Ltd.

Inproheat Industries Ltd.

Inproheat Industries Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of environmentally compliant submerged combustion systems SubCom, for FAST, EFFICIENT sludge pasteurisation with a SMALL FOOTPRINT. SubCom systems are an effective method of pasteurising municipal wastewater sludge to EPA Class A Biosolids standards. SubCom handles sludge particularly well as there are no heat transfer surfaces to foul.

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680 Raymur Avenue , Vancouver , British Columbia V6A 2R1 Canada
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Sludge Management
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Industrial Process Heat Engineering Ltd. was founded on November 12, 1958 by Eric Panz, ING. An Austrian-trained engineer, Eric began his Canadian career in the early 1950’s working as an engineer for H.A. Simons in Vancouver. After seven years at Simons, he decided to form his own company and specialize in thermal-process, heat and combustion heating technologies and applications.

Of his many accomplishments in engineering and industrial equipment design, it is Eric’s inventive work in the area of submerged combustion (SubCom) that has proven to be the most enduring and defining accomplishment of his career. SubCom, and other submerged combustion heaters, can heat or evaporate any non-combustible liquid generally more efficiently than other types of liquid heaters, such as boilers and hot water heaters that use a heat exchanger, and direct steam injection boilers. SubCom is more energy efficient (over 90%) reducing energy and fuel costs and its Lo-NOx and near ambient temperature emissions makes SubCom environmentally (GHG) friendly. In addition, submerged combustion heaters do not require specialized operators (as with boilers) and they are less maintenance intensive. Inproheat holds a number of Canadian and U.S. patents on its SubCom technology. Inproheat has designed, built and installed SubCom equipment for industries such as: pulp and paper, mining, steel and foundry and gas and petroleum, for clients located in Canada, Chile, Mexico and the USA. (For more information, please visit

Corporate Expansion
Eric’s brother, Gus Panz, joined the company in 1960, and brought his expertise with industrial pumps and heating equipment to the company. In the early years, Gus serviced and sold refractory products and materials to the foundry industry in Western Canada. Today, this division is known as the Engineered Materials Group, which now encompasses blast-cleaning supplies, forging and die-casting supplies, foundry supplies and equipment, abrasive profiling supplies refractory/metallurgical products, aluminum / bronze / copper-based alloys, heat-treat furnaces, high-temperature refractory materials, industrial chemicals and steel-making and smelting supplies.

Eric’s son Steven Panz, P.Eng., joined the company in 1982 to begin working in the Engineering Division, now the Energy Systems Group, which builds and supplies Inproheat’s patented Submerged Combustion (SubCom) technology as well as Low NOx Technology equipment, industrial pumps and burners, heat exchangers, heat-recovery steam generators, direct-steam injection heaters, thermal fluid systems, engineered fired heaters,  gaseous incineration technologies and other industrial heating equipment.

Since a corporate reorganization completed in 1980, Industrial Process Heat Engineering Ltd. has been known as Inproheat Industries Ltd.
In 2008, Inproheat Industries Ltd. celebrated the milestone of providing its customers ‘Excellence and Service’ for over 50 years.

Some of the industries that we serve:

  • Evaporative
  • Forestry
  • Gas and Petroleum
  • Heavy oil SAGD
  • Institutional laundry
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Vaporization
  • Mining
  • Pulp and paper
  • Sludge pasteurization
  • Steel and Foundry
  • Swimming pool heating (large)
  • Waste-water Vaporization

Inproheat Industries Ltd. seeks to be the premier Industrial Energy Solutions provider to Industry. Our diverse range of applied services include: Foundry, Chemical and Alloy Materials, Low GHG Emission, High Efficiency Combustion Solutions, Heat transfer and Rotating Equipment.

Our collective skill set continues to set the benchmark for others to follow.

Since its founding in 1958, Inproheat Industries Ltd. has consistently upheld following fundamental guidelines:

  • To conduct our business with integrity
  • To provide our valued customers with qualified advice based on our applied experience in all our disciplines
  • To provide our customers with absolute, consistent and cost effective service
  • To continue to be recognized as leaders in our field of our experience
  • To consistently strive to embrace tools and technologies that demonstrate we remain current and efficient in how we conduct our business
  • To treat all with respect