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  • Engineering Services

  • Geotechnical Engineering Services

    Geotechnical Engineering Services

    Reliable knowledge of ground properties and behavior is a prerequisite for the safety and economic performance of structures. Without adequate site investigation, ground is a hazard that may jeopardize a project and its environment. ISSi’s expert staff includes geologists and engineers who specialize in the interface between geology and engineering. Our registered and licensed professionals can address a wide array of technical problems related...

  • Civil Engineering Services

    Civil Engineering Services

    ISSi’s engineering staff includes structural engineers, site engineers, water resources specialists, and seismic experts. ISSi provides complete Civil Engineering services including: Site engineering. Grading. Run-off hydraulics. Storm drainage with retention or detention ponds. Water supply. Wastewater systems. Seismic analysis. Facility condition assessment.

  • System Safety Engineering Services

    System Safety Engineering Services

    System Safety is implemented to perform a rigorous and systematic evaluation of a system’s hardware, facilities and operations. The prime objective of the System Safety program is to provide the safest possible working environment by identifying, analyzing, planning, tracking, and controlling risks. The primary tasks to achieve this objective are eliminating hazards, or minimizing and controlling hazards to an acceptable level.