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Reliable knowledge of ground properties and behavior is a prerequisite for the safety and economic performance of structures. Without adequate site investigation, ground is a hazard that may jeopardize a project and its environment. ISSi’s expert staff includes geologists and engineers who specialize in the interface between geology and engineering. Our registered and licensed professionals can address a wide array of technical problems related to interaction of engineering works and geology.

Geologic Hazard Assessment
Sinkholes, earthquake risks, flood analysis, landslides and slope stability. ISSi has a wide array of geophysical and geological exploration techniques that allow for the assessment and mitigation of a wide variety of geologic hazards.

Dam and Levee Assessment
ISSi experts can combine geophysical and other exploration techniques to perform cost effective and complete surveys of earthen dams and levy systems.

Slope Stability Analysis
ISSi’s experts utilize state of the art analytical and modeling techniques to determine slope stability in engineered as well as non-engineered situations.

Groundwater Infiltration and Seepage
ISSi has the established resources and techniques to allow for the complete assessment and mitigation of groundwater infiltration and seepage problems. Projects involving excavation have utilized ISSi’s services in order to find the source of water infiltration and help plan and specify various mitigation techniques.

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