International Association of Nanotechnology (IANT)

International Association of Nanotechnology (IANT)

The International Association of Nanotechnology (IANT), is a non-profit organization with the goals to foster scientific research and business development in the areas of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for the benefit of society. The Association fosters friendship, equality and cooperation amongst its members around the world. IANT does not endorse nor support any applications which uses and misuses the advanced technology for destructive purposes. As the leading organization, IAnano is working on the roadmap and the framework of the emerging technology worldwide.

Company details

NASA Ames Research Center P.O. Box 151 , Moffett Field , California 94035 USA

Locations Served

Business Type:
Non-governmental organization (NGO)
Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing - Analytical Services
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

  • Advanced R&D in Nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics & Nanomedicine
  • Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Harmonization Worldwide
  • Developing Nanotoxicology Methodologies
  • Developing Occupational Health & Safety Regulations
  • Developing Nano-manufacturing Framework and Initiatives
  • International Nomenclature and Standards for New Nanomaterials
  • Education & Training in Community Colleges and Universities Worldwide
  • Societal & Environmental Impact of Converging Technologies
  • Economic Development to Bring Jobs and Prosperity to States & Regions
  • Applications of nanotechnology is renewable energy
  • Interfacing with Government in Developing Public Regulations & Policies

We are working with various partners via a global network of chapters around the world. To make an inquiry about forming a new chapter in your area, please contact us at To become a member of IANano, please visit our web pages:

As a professional organization, we have a number of panels and subcommittees focusing on the following:

  • Nomenclature & Terminology Subcommittee
  • Nanomaterial Safety Subcommittee
  • Standards Steering Subcommittee
  • Intellectual Property & Tech Transfer Subcommittee
  • Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee
  • Ethics Environmental and Societal Subcommittee
  • And other committees being established to address various issues  relating to  Nanotechnology

The IANT organizes various regional meetings and an international congress  for bringing clarity and focus to the scientific research, product development, intellectual property and technology transfer, research collaboration, venture capital investment, safety, regulation, ethics, environmental and societal aspects of Nanotechnology
You are invited to apply for membership in the International Association of Nanotechnology (IANT). To accept this invitation, please complete the Online Membership Application Form. There are several sound reasons for applying for membership today.

The most significant benefit is to access to important ideas and networking with eminent scientists and business executives in the field of Nanotechnology. The International Association of Nanotechnology and its affiliated chapters enable you to build a network of relationship across USA and around the world. Relationship that will promote new ideas, new friendship and open new opportunities for you.

Join the IANT and you can choose to participate in one or more of the following subcommittees such as:

  • Nomenclature & Terminology Subcommittee
  • Nanomaterial Safety Subcommittee
  • Standards Steering  Subcommittee
  • Intellectual Property  Subcommittee
  • Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee
  • Ethics Environmental and Societal Subcommittee
  • And other committees being established to address issues in Nanotechnology

As a member you will be entitled to member discount when you register at the annual meeting of the International Congress of Nanotechnology and other conferences and meeting organized by IANT and affiliate partners

As a member you will not only enjoy instant access to free Nanotech Newsletters, but you can receive significant discount on books, journals, and other publications.

Regardless of your specialty, there simply is no better way to signify your position within the profession than by adding this designation “Member of the International Association of Nanotechnology” to your list of credentials.