The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) was founded in 2001 to improve sustainable development performance in the mining and metals industry. Today, we bring together 23 mining and metals companies as well as 34 national and regional mining associations and global commodity associations to address core sustainable development challenges. ICMM was created in response to a multi-stakeholder research initiative that examined the role of mining in a sustainable future. The initiative, called the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) project, recognized the industry’s potential contributions to society, identified core challenges and established an agenda for implementing change which would become the foundation of ICMM’s mandate.

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ICMM now serves as an agent for change and continual improvement on issues relating to mining and sustainable development. We require member companies to make a public commitment to improve their sustainability performance and report against their progress on an annual basis. In addition, to augment these efforts, we engage with a broad range of stakeholders (governments, international organizations, communities and indigenous peoples, civil society and academia) to build strategic partnerships.

ICMM believes that the collaboration of industry leaders can catalyze sustainable industry performance. We are governed by a Council of the chief executives from all of our member companies as well as two representatives from member associations. ICMM’s Council sets strategic direction, determines priorities, and decides on policy.

ICMM has five values that guide the work of the organization and how we interact with others:

  • Care for the safety, health and well-being of workers, contractors, host communities and the use of the materials we produce.
  • Respect for people, the environment and the values of host societies.
  • Integrity as the basis for engagement with employees, communities, governments and others.
  • Accountability for upholding our commitments.
  • Collaboration as an important tool for addressing the challenges we jointly face and seizing opportunities.

Leading companies working together and with others to strengthen the contribution of mining, minerals and metals to sustainable development.

The International Council on Mining and Metals - ICMM - was formed in 2001 to represent the world’s leading companies in the mining and metals industry and to advance their commitment to sustainable development.

However its conception can be dated to two years earlier, when the global mining firms accepted at the highest level that their sector was facing significant problems in reputation, sustaining profits, access to new assets and maintaining investor and employee confidence.

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) is dedicated to improving sustainable development performance. ICMM's vision, values, goal and objectives create a platform for members to work together and with others to strengthen the contribution of mining, minerals and metals to sustainable development.

We operate on a three-year planning cycle. Our latest Strategy and Action Plan was completed in 2012 for implementation over the next three years. Looking forward, the plan outlines a number of questions that ICMM and its members need to reflect on. Are our actions really achieving the kind of lasting change that is needed? Should we be setting clearer aspirational goals in terms of how we would like the mining and metals industry to be – or is our task-oriented focus adequate?

Sustainable development requires complementary participation and engagement by companies, governments and civil society. ICMM conducts the majority of its projects in collaboration with other organizations, and, where possible and appropriate, incorporates input from relevant stakeholders.

By working in partnership with others in the sector to develop elements within the work program, ICMM recognizes that sustainable development outcomes depend on collaborative actions by governments, companies, communities, labour, and financial institutions.

ICMM has a team of specialist staff based in London. Their role is to:

  • work with members to identify and advocate the use of good practices to address sustainable development issues within the industry.
  • represent the views and interests of members.
  • serve as a principal point of engagement with key stakeholders in the international arena.

ICMM is governed by the Council, comprising of the CEOs from all member companies, and includes two CEO representatives from ICMM's association members. The Council meets twice a year to set the strategic direction for ICMM and formulate policy.

The Council is supported by the Principal Liaisons Committee, which meets three times a year and is the primary vehicle through which members engage with each other and the ICMM Secretariat. The committee is made up of nominated representatives from all member companies.

The Principal Liaisons Committee is responsible for the effective implementation of the ICMM work programs and budget. It is supported by a number of specialist program committees through which members actively participate in ICMM projects and the Associations Co-ordination Group.

The Associations Co-ordination Group is the vehicle for associations to discuss common strategic issues and provide input to the Council and Principal Liaisons Committee . It also elects two representatives (the group chair plus one other) to sit on both groups for a two-year term.

The Communications Oversight Committee is responsible for supervising the execution of ICMM’s communications strategy and ensuring integration of communications across all our work.

ICMM is committed to improving the sustainable development performance of the mining and metals industry.

Operating on a three-year planning cycle, the overarching strategy for 2016–2018 is focused on collaborative action towards societal acceptance.

As part of the strategy, ICMM has reorganised its work programmes under the following three thematic headings:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • The Role of Mining and Metals in Society
  • Human Well-being