International Erosion Control Systems (IECS)

International Erosion Control Systems (IECS)

International Erosion Control Systems has been manufacturing and selling soil stabilizing erosion control products since 1984. IECS has become one of the leading international companies for solving soil erosion problems. At International Erosion Control Systems we are continuously striving to improve our products and services, while offering the latest, most efficient, and cost effective ways to meet your project needs. We will ensure that all our customer requirements are met and will deliver the material in a timely manner, using a management process designed to ensure continuous improvement, and the achievement of our corporate goals and objectives. Throughout our years of experience, International Erosion Control Systems has encountered many different types of erosion problems in countries throughout the world and provides a suitable solution to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

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22295 Hoskins Line , Rodney , Ontario N0L 2C0 Canada
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International Erosion Control System’s product Cable Concrete® is one of the most advanced engineering technologies available for soil erosion control today.

Utilizing an articulating concrete block system (ACB), an armoured revetment mat, an alternate to riprap, IECS delivers the most advanced engineered technologies available for soil erosion control.

Erosion Control Solutions:

International Erosion Control Systems can provide solutions to every corner of the globe.

We conduct business internationally in countries such as: Canada, United States, Mexico, Brunei, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nigeria.