INTERSCIENCE is a major actor in the field of microbiological analysis for the food, agro-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, medical, environmental and chemical industries, research institutes and universities since 1979. Designer and manufacturer, we provide labs with scientific equipment to guarantee safe products for consumption. Our products are used in microbiological analyses labs to test any sample enabling the research of contaminants and pathogens. They are largely used in the agrofood industry to check if the products are safe for consumption and in the pharmaceutical, cosmetical, clinical and veterinary industries totest the efficiency of creams and medecines for example. They also equip labs in hospitals, universities, research centers, private and public labs.

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30 ch. du Bois des Arpents , St Nom la Bretèche , 78860 France

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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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INTERSCIENCE products are used for collecting and testing any solid sample and get bacterial results with full traceability.

INTERSCIENCE has a full range of products and unique solutions to avoid risk of cross contamination during the preparation of the sample, avoid repetitive and long preparation and ensure traceability and saving of all data.

INTERSCIENCE has its international headquarters in France and has direct sales capacities worldwide and sales offices in USA (Boston, MA) and China (Shanghai). The rest of the world is covered by an excellent distributor network trained for sales and support. We are proud to offer our clients with the best products and a lifetime of product care.

We are proud to provide:

High-quality products since 1979
Built to the ISO 9001-2008 standards, we focus on offering the best quality products worldwide with full guarantees.

Life-time product care
We are dedicated to the satisfaction of every client and focus on answering any question for your specific application 24/7.

Leadership in R&D for innovation
Our R&D center is the heart of our company, with more than a 3rd of our team dedicated to make the best products on the market and make innovation that matters to our clients in labs.

Family business values
The company was founded by François Jalenques and is today run by his sons, Emmanuel and Jules Jalenques. We are committed to the members of our company as well as to our partners and clients with a spirit of dedicated service and integrity.

INTERSCIENCE services offer the opportunity to prepare customized consumables and lab instruments upon your request, and also to perform specific studies for your application.

Customized sterile bags for microbiology
Customized bags are manufactured according to your particular needs in our manufacturing plant with high standards of quality. Choose your bag’s:

  • Type of filter (lateral, full-surface, central or no filter)
  • Filter porosity (from 10 microns to 280 microns…)
  • Shape (straight bag, round-bottom…)
  • Size (from 80 ml to 3500 ml)
  • Material (Multilayer, Multilayer Extra, PolySilk, HD PolySilk…)
  • Weldings (standard weldings, reinforced weldings, dotted lines…)
  • Openings (small, large, easy pipetting, easy pouring…)
  • Compartments (from 1 to 3 compartments)
  • Customized marking (your logo, no logo…)
  • Calibrated separations (according to your application…)

All INTERSCIENCE products can be customized, adapted to your application and packaged with your specifications. A special R&D team is dedicated to perform studies for your application and business.