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iPoint-systems is a leading provider of software and consulting for environmental and social product compliance, process compliance, and sustainability. iPoint’s software and services support you in meeting and staying one step ahead of regulations and requirements such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, EHS, Conflict Minerals- and Modern Slavery-related laws, as well as other trending developments and challenges governing product, supply chain, and enterprise stewardship. iPoint’s holistic, circular perspective envisages a continuous, digital system lifecycle management process that supports not only compliance with the law, but also the sustainability of products, value chains, and brands. We have won many awards for our innovative, `green` and client-oriented solutions, services and processes, and have the certificates to prove it. iPoint is headquartered in Reutlingen, Germany, and has subsidiaries around the globe.

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Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 58 , Reutlingen , 72760 72760 Germany

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Software vendor
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Environmental Regulations and Compliance
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Globally (various continents)
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  • iPoint is a leading provider of software and consulting for environmental and social product compliance, and sustainability.
  • Thousands of companies around the globe rely on iPoint’s solutions and services when it comes to managing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting data across the whole value creation network.
  • We develop our solutions working closely together with our customers and partners as well as with international research institutions and industry associations.
  • iPoint’s suite of software solutions automates the communication throughout the supply chain while ensuring the data is able to meet the reporting needs of companies, their customers, and regulatory institutions.
  • iPoint’s consulting and supplier management services support clients in staying one step ahead of regulations and requirements such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE, ELV, Conflict Minerals, and other trending global developments in the arena of environmental and social product compliance, and sustainability.

‘Spirit’ leads settlers to colonize unfamiliar territory, ‘spirit’ brings mountaineers to summit for the first time, ‘spirit’ stimulates researchers to discover new and unknown things, and ‘spirit’ drives us at iPoint to look for and develop new and better solutions.

This spirit is the ‘pioneer spirit’.

Like the settler, the mountaineer or the researcher, we at iPoint are pioneers. We are pioneers with an excellent know-how who develop innovative and future-oriented software solutions and approaches to consulting. With our approaches we enable companies today to secure the compliance and sustainability of their products throughout the entire supply network.

It’s the pioneer spirit which shapes and characterizes our daily work and which has helped us create our leading position in just a few years. 
Discover what we can do for your company with our pioneer spirit and why we say that we already provide the solutions of tomorrow today.

Innovator of the Year

Our pioneering thinking and innovative solutions have earned us many awards over the years. Most recently, we were recognized as 'Innovator of the Year' – again: After we took top spot as 'Innovator of the Year' in category A (up to 50 employees) in 2012, 2016 saw us succeed in making it onto the podium once again, being crowned winner in size category B for companies with between 51 and 250 employees.

This renewed success makes iPoint-systems the very first company to be victorious in two different TOP 100 size categories.

Benefit from the market leader

This is how we became the world’s leading experts in product compliance and sustainability:

By developing pioneering solutions on how to manage, track, and report data throughout the entire supply network from product concept to the use phase to recycling and reuse. And by developing these solutions in close cooperation with our customers – according to their specific needs and individual requirements.

Since 2001, our collected know-how and experience from numerous customer projects with many initial developments and for individual requirements, has provided a proven suite of solutions for all customers to benefit from. Today, 39.000+ companies from various industries trust in our expertise – and benefit from using our secure platforms with aggregated and qualified data and predefined proven processes.