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  • IUT - Model CWA - CWA Multi-Gas Analyzer

    IUT - Model CWA - CWA Multi-Gas Analyzer

    The CWA-Analyzer is a multi-gas analyzer for the high-sensitive detection and identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and/or Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) developed by IUT/IUT Medical over more than 20 years. It is best suitable for the use in homeland security, building protection, and CBRNE application in general.

  • IUT - Model IMS - Gas Analyzer

    IUT - Model IMS - Gas Analyzer

    The IMS-Analyzer from IUT Medical is a continuously operating gas analyzer designed for ultra-low level detection of either single or multi-compound hazardous gases. It is an Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) (also offered as GC-IMS) with high sensitivity in the lower ppb-range and with high resolution. The IMS-Analyzer is available as small mobile version and as stationary 19-inch rack and wall mounted NEMA 4X version in different enclosure.

  • IUT - Model GC-PID - Multi-Gas Analyzer

    IUT - Model GC-PID - Multi-Gas Analyzer

    The PID-Analyzer (GC-PID) is a multi-gas analyzer developed at IUT/IUT Medical for the high-sensitive detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), like BTX or BTEX aromatic compounds, but also for other toxic gases with ionization potentials (IP) up to 10.6 eV (if standard UV-lamp is used).

  • IUT - Permeation Based Calibrator

    IUT - Permeation Based Calibrator

    Permeation (lat.: permeare = percolate, penetrate) describes the process of penetration of a substance through a solid material, driven by the force of a chemical potential gradient like a pressure or a concentration difference. Without any external influence the substance which permeates, moves always into the direction of the lower concentration.  By using a tube made from any polymer like PP, PTFE, PE, filled with a liquid or gaseous substance...

  • IUT - Gas Dilution System

    IUT - Gas Dilution System

    Certain gas detection applications are better served if the sample is diluted before it reaches the analyzer. Sample dilution is used to: measure beyond the nominal range of the analyzer, extend the dynamic range.

  • IUT - Multi Point Sampler

    IUT - Multi Point Sampler

    Our MPS is designed for subsequently continuous monitoring of multiple measuring points. It’s designed to work as an integral part of a measuring system. It is used for online measurements. The sample pump, valves and sample lines are at ambient temperature. It is an ideal tool to measure components in ambient conditions from several measuring points.