Ivlajn ltd

Ivlajn ltd

IVLAJN is an Serbian company for recycling, purchase and manufacture of plastic products, founded in the year 1992. We work in the service of preserving the environment, her beauty and cleanliness. Our purchase station and store plastic is located in Belgrade, in the street Dragoslava Srejovića 63B, while the recycling center at Stanislava Jovanovic, 23 G, Skela near Obrenovac. For two decades we keep trying our best, through our commitment and dedication we strive to awake the consciousness of our citizens and to prove the importance of recycling. Consumer recycled plastic products reduces significantly the pollution of the planet. The purchase of plastic we help you to get rid of unnecessary packaging and plastic products. The quality of our products is easily recognizable in both the domestic and in the world market.

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Dragoslava Srejovića 63b , Karaburma , 11060 Serbia

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Material Recycling
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Globally (various continents)
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Our company deals with the purchase of a wide range of plastic, such as plastic boxes, chairs, tables, bins, vessel, containers, nylon (foil) and other plastic products. We offer services Injection moulding, milling and washing of all types of plastics. In the case of larger quantities we will come to your home address and buy up plastic.

When it comes to the production of plastic articles, there are two main groups :

  • Production of finished plastic products
  • Production of granular materials

Particular attention is paid to relations with our customers and their needs are of primary importance to us. As for transport, storage and treatment of plastic waste our company hasintegrated license for operation.

Why do you throw plastic waste when you can earn on it? Participate with us in the recycling of plastic products. Recycling and purchasing plastic 'IVLAJN' Belgrade.