Jayne Products, Inc.

Jayne Products, Inc.

Jayne Products is a manufacturer of environmentally compliant cleaners and degreasers for all types of industries. Our products are powerful, safe, biodegradable, and extremely cost effective. No matter where you are located or what your application may be, we have the right product for your cleaning needs. Jayne Products is also formulating products and distributing for the Water and Wastewater industry. We specialize in an array of products to prevent, control and remove Struvite and Vivianite from Wastewater Treatment Plants, Confined Animal Feeding Operations, Food Processing plants, Marine, and other forms of Scale. Please contact us at +1-310-715-3070, and visit our site at www.jayneproducts.com for more information.

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17904 Star of India Lane , Carson , California 90746 USA


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We specialize in the oil and wastewater industries where we supply specialty products, including green cleaning products, as well as technical assistance.  We offer two main product lines, our JPX vapor phase turnaround chemicals, and our bulk area cleaning chemicals.  

We have formulated and designed JPX Refinery Decontamination Cleaner, JPX-E for Cleaning Sour Equipment (H₂S), JPX-EE for Neutralizing Pyrophoric Materials, JPX-F for Fin Fan Cleaning and JPD Deodorizer for the external and internal cleanup of systems and equipment. Over the last 30 years the JPX line has created a proven track record of effectiveness, safety, and cost reduction. Utilization of the JPX line for shutdown hydrocarbon clean-up has resulted in major time and cost savings to refineries. We offer expert consultation and project management as required for turnarounds, emergency shutdowns, fin-fan cleaning and tank cleaning. The JPX line complies with stringent California regulations for emissions and effluent disposal, making it a green option for cleaning products.

'JPX delivers as advertised, have experienced satisfactory results every time we used the product' More JPX Reviews

Our bulk area chemical cleaning products line consists of Energy Plus Red-Industrial Degreaser, Power Wash-Power Washer and Steam Cleaner, Energy Plus-Industrial Degreaser and ES-270.  All of our green cleaning products are very versatile, simple to use, yet highly effective. Power Wash-Steam Soap and Energy Plus have a certification of Clean Air Choice Cleaner from the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), which is a very stringent clean air certification for cleaning products.

We also have two chemical product lines that are used for struvite removal and prevention in wastewater and CAFO applications. Struvite can severely inhibit pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges and pipeline operations. JS 9325 Struvite Remover can be used in circulation and still soak procedures to easily remove struvite.  JS 9310 Struvite Dispersant prevents struvite deposits from forming.

Other products we offer include Deodorizers-Odor Control for H²S and Mercaptans, Conntect—Turbine Cleaning, Microblaze—Spill Control,  and Polarchem—Online Furnace Cleaning, if there are any other needs, please reach out and we will determine a solution for you!

Our chemical cleaning products are used in a number of different industries; oil refining, wastewater, transportation, industrial, manufacturing and many more. We also ship our products worldwide. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will have you Cleaner, Quicker, Greener in no time!

Jayne Products has a 30 year history of providing environmentally compliant cleaners and degreasers for high volume industrial users. Conveniently located in Carson, California, we are a low-overhead/high-volume capacity operation that provides the highest quality standard and customized products at a minimum cost. We have an R&D and QC laboratory that performs comprehensive product development and testing to ensure that all of our products meet both our quality standards and the customers' needs.

Our JPX line of vapor phase and circulation turnaround chemicals includes JPX, JPX-E and JPX-EE which are products that were developed from the experience gained in hundreds of refinery and petrochemical plant turnarounds.  The JPX line was also specifically designed for the external and internal decontamination of systems and equipment, and has a proven track record of effectiveness, safety, saving time and reducing costs. We offer expert consultation and project management as required for turnarounds, emergency shutdowns, fin-fan cleaning and tank cleaning.

Our bulk area cleaning chemicals include Energy Plus Red, Power Wash, Energy Plus and ES-270. Our bulk area cleaning chemicals are certified by either the Southern California AQMD or NSF International which are very stringent cleaner certifications. See the respective web pages to learn more.  Jayne Product’s degreasers are very versatile and effective.  We provide cleaning chemicals to various industrial users such as oil refineries, wastewater plants, transit authorities, printing presses, warehouses, restaurants, food processing plants, and bottling facilities. Many of our clients take advantage of our multi-year contracts, custom blending and bulk delivery in the Los Angeles and Orange County, CA areas.  Jayne Products will get your cleaning job done Cleaner, Quicker. Greener.

Please contact us at +1-310-715-3070 and visit our site at www.jayneproducts.com for more information.

Jayne Products, Inc. services clients from a variety of different industries. Here is a partial list:

  • BP
  • Los Angeles County MTA
  • Chevron
  • Tesoro/Shell
  • Phillips 66
  • International Paper
  • Roscoe Moss
  • Harte Hanks
  • Entenmann-Rovin
  • Wastewater plants across the country
  • And many more...

Here is a News Update 2012 decontamination work performed with JPX/JPX-E/JPX-EE decontamination chemicals.


  • Coker Unit
  • Frac Towers and vessels
  • Crude Unit
  • Strippers and gas recovery
  • Fin fans at 4 major refineries
  • Light ends recovery units
  • Sour Water Strippers and H₂S Recovery columns
  • Hydro finer Unit: Fractionator, strippers and vessels


  • Crude Units
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Pipe cleanup
  • Fin-fan foaming

Jayne Products is continually striving to produce and create environmentally compliant cleaners and degreasers. In this ever-changing world, people, and businesses must adapt if we are to keep our planet sustainable. That’s exactly what we have done.  Jayne Products’ cleaners and degreasers will get the job done Quicker, Cleaner. Greener.

The JPX line of products, JPX, JPX-E and JPX-EE have been formulated to handle the toughest to clean hydrocarbon deposits with superior price and performance, all while complying with the highest air and water quality standards. Our bio-degradable cleaners are compatible with stringent effluent system requirements, regulations for effluent disposal and leave less dissolved oil in water than other competitive products. Energy Plus Red is an environmentally safe product that efficiently cleans oil and grease, is compatible with personnel and does not adversely impact effluent treatment plants. It is biodegradable, USDA approved, SCAQMD compliant, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-abrasive and gives off no fumes and is NSF approved rated A1.

As a manufacturer of commercial cleaning products, we have always realized the importance of being both environmentally friendly as well as the safety of all those involved both directly and the general public. This being the case, we have sought out ways to prove our environmental responsibility, and our green cleaning products. Jayne Products has two products certified in the “Clean Air Choices” program, Power Wash-Steam Soap and Energy Plus. The “Clean Air Choices” Cleaner Certification Program only qualifies products which are ultra-low-polluting commercial cleaning products. 

Through our products, we have created a green trend within our company and will continually offer green solutions for your needs. Jayne Products will find the right product for your application and get the job done Cleaner, Quicker. Greener.

For over 30 years, Jayne Products Inc. has shipped quality cleaning products to clients all over the world. Our products undergo extensive testing to meet the strict environmental guidelines mandated by the AQMD, which are among the most stringent in the world. We have customers in many countries around the world.

Our products can be shipped by ocean or air freight.