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Kalenborn Abresist Corporation provides wear resistant linings for a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic components and pipes handling abrasive bulk materials. The lining materials include cast basalt, alumina, zirconium corundum, silicon carbide, chrome carbide, hard alloys, trowelable epoxy, flexible wear resistant piping, anti-corrosion coatings and combinations of the above. KALCOAT corrosion resistant coatings were introduced in 2014 and are 100% solids high build epoxy coatings. These wear resistant linings offer excellent abrasion and impact resistance and are specifically constructed for use wherever wear and abrasion are a problem. Industries using these custom linings include wastewater, power, cement, iron and steel, aggregate, mining, food and many more. Kalenborn provides customized wear protection solutions for all kinds of industrial applications - worldwide.

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PO Box 38, 5541 North State Road 13 , Urbana , Indiana 46990 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
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Globally (various continents)
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The Wear Protection People
Kalenborn Abresist Provides Design, Manufacture, Delivery and Installation of Tailor-Made Wear Resistant Linings for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Conveyor Components or Pipes. ISO-9001:2008 Certified plus PICS, ISNetworld and BROWZ safety compliant.

Founded in 1977, Kalenborn Abresist, based in Urbana, Indiana, manufactures wear resistant linings including ceramic and fused cast basalt linings that provide excellent impact and abrasion resistant protection. Specifically constructed for use wherever wear and abrasion are a problem, ABRESIST linings reduce downtime and maintenance. The fused cast basalt linings are highly resistant to the abrasive effects of bulk materials such as silica, ore, glass, slag, fly ash, limestone, coal, coke, feed, grain, fertilizer, salt and other highly abrasive materials.

The original Kalenborn Abresist material was developed in the 1920s by KALENBORN® International, the German parent of Kalenborn Abresist. To form the linings, basalt volcanic rock is melted at temperatures of 1300° C / 2400° F and then cast into tiles or cylinders. Annealing gives the cast basalt a uniform, fine crystalline structure that makes it a smooth, hard and highly abrasion-resistant material. Engineered with a Mohs hardness rating of 8, the tiles and cylinders provide a long service life even in the harshest conditions.


Kalenborn Abresist customers range from the powder industry to the coal, power, mining, aggregates and food industries where Kalenborn Abresist materials are approved for use in FDA food processing plants. ABRESIST® linings are marketed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Industries that work with highly abrasive raw materials or by-products are candidates for using our linings. They are ideal for lining components susceptible to severe abrasion in plant material handling and processing operations. The fused cast basalt linings are effective in applications such as pipes, tees, elbows, separators, cyclones, silos, bunkers, concrete and steel troughs, chutes, impellers and agitators, fan blades and fan casings, conveyor screws, chain conveyors, mixers, pulpers; wherever friction-induced abrasion is a problem.


Kalenborn Abresist individually designs and pre-engineers its materials to meet the customer's specific abrasion, impact and corrosion problems. Sales representatives and engineers visit customers on-site to assess problems and gather accurate data to provide a solution. Based on the information obtained, the specific material or combination of materials that would provide the best, most economical solution to the wear problems are suggested. Then the specified materials are pre-engineered and labeled for precise identification during installation.

Customers may install the abrasion resistant linings themselves or have Kalenborn Abresist technicians install the materials. The technicians are also available to supervise the installation by the customer or his contractor to ensure the products will perform as intended.

The use of Kalenborn Abresist wear resistant linings on problematic components adds up to significant savings because of their longer service life. The cost of replacement parts, the downtime of operations, plant clean-up and the cost of maintenance work are all dramatically reduced. The savings incurred will pay for the linings and installation in a short time.