Kalthoff Luftfilter und Filtermedien GmbH

Kalthoff Luftfilter und Filtermedien GmbH

Kalthoff Luftfilter und Filtermedien GmbH is one of the leading specialists for high-quality air-filter products and services. Our main focus is on research and development, modern production procedures and the global sale of air filters. Kalthoff filters also remove the finest pollutant particles and prepare fresh air. As an innovative, owner-managed company we have as our objective the development and production of technically-high-quality filter products for room-air filtration. At our headquarters in Selm we produce high-tech filters with environmentally protective and sustainable processes. In addition, we have available engineering offices throughout the whole of Germany, in order to guarantee customer proximity. Thus you can be sure that you are provided with professional consultation and quality made in Germany.

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Gutenbergstr. 8 (Industriegebiet Bork) , Selm , 59379 Germany
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)

Improved air quality through Kalthoff filters

We consider air to be a foodstuff which must be as clean as possible. This is because a person consumes over 20.000 litres of air daily. Not only for this reason do quality, responsibility and security have the highest level of importance for us. In our product range with more than 30.000 articles, you can find air filters which also meet your requirements.

Whether for fixed-in-place in residential and business areas or for mobile systems (vehicles, railway vehicles and aircraft) – with our filter products you can simply breathe better.

Our air filters also guarantee pure air in sensitive environments (operations, manufacture of semi-conductors and medication or packaging of foodstuffs). In these sectors, we are a supplier of companies whose systems could not work without pure filtered air. These are for example power stations, compressor stations, paint-coating systems etc. where high-quality air filters take over the processing of the cooling-air or supply-air.

Separating the finest particles – no problem with Kalthoff air filters

Our products for air filtration meet the highest quality-control requirements and are available in many variants. They also reliably filter the finest substances and contaminations and prepare fresh air.

The articles are available in the ISO groups ISO Coarse – ISO ePM1, in accordance with DIN EN 16890, in the filter classes G2 – F9 in accordance with DIN EN 779, as well as E11 – U16 in accordance with DIN EN 1822. Furthermore, they correspond to the directives of VDI 6022. And if your requirement is especially unique, we also find the perfect solution for that. Because your satisfaction has the highest priority for us.