Karbonsan Pressure Vessels and Trading Co.

Karbonsan Pressure Vessels and Trading Co.

Karbonsan Pressure Vessels and Trading Co.

Karbonsan is one of the leading diversified industrial manufacturing companies in Turkey. Headquartered in Istanbul - Turkey, Karbonsan operates manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Orhangazi, Bursa – TURKEY, 20 km away from Gemlik, Bursa port; thereby it has been strategically positioned to support the major international markets as well as the domestic one. Karbonsan relocated the manufacturing facilities in Orhangazi, Bursa in 2009 where the facilities have been perfectly situated on a land over 70.000m2. Karbonsan designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of cryogenic products and systems for the storage, transportation, and distribution of liquefied technical gases, LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, and hydrocarbons, especially LNG and LPG. Karbonsan proudly offers its products to different corners of the world, in compliance with leading international tank standards, the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) or ASME VIII, Div. 1.LITS as well as many other standards.

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Kozyatağı Mah. Kaya Sultan Sok. No:80/2 , Kadıkoy , Istanbul 34716 Turkey
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Water Storage
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Globally (various continents)

The extensive product range of Karbonsan includes cryogenic bulk tanks, semi-trailers and rigid tankers for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG; stationary tanks, rigid tankers and semi-trailers for oil products, LPG and CO2, evaporators and vacuum insulated pipe lines.

Karbonsan has recently added 20” and 40” tank containers for LIN, LOX, LAR, LPG and LNG as a new item to its product range.

We develop products according to market and customers’ requirements. In accordance with the developments at geothermal power generation, Karbonsan has started to offer new products in recent years, used in deep drilling and in geothermal power generation plants, such as steam jet ejector, pentane tanks, air tanks, separator, distillation columns and silencer. Also, we proudly offer higher capacity and customized storage tanks, turn-key cylinder filling stations, tailor-made pressure vessels, heat exchangers and process tanks.

Apart from the new production, Karbonsan deals with installations, final cryogenic solutions upon request, repair and refurbishment of cryogenic equipment. Karbonsan facility can provide testing, inspection and rehabilitation for cryogenic vessels of all sizes and pressures.

To be able to offer a complete solution for almost all cryogenic applications under one roof and to develop industry standards, Karbonsan has focused on LNG storage and application systems including transportable liquid cylinders and fuel tanks and also, satellite and filling stations and ship & vehicle fuelling systems for LNG.

Orhangazi, Bursa facility carries a “U” and “S” stamp and can provide many services for cryogenic vessels of all sizes and pressures. The vessels manufactured here are certified with ASME standards and are registered with the National Board. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, the continuous improvement philosophy behind our quality management system provides the improvement in our manufacturing and business processes to better meet the requirements of our customers.

Karbonsan has achieved amazing growth within the last decade. Karbonsan is now steadily rising towards a new future. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and superior human resources, Karbonsan will strengthen its position among the premium pressure vessel manufacturers. We believe that we will be successful only if our clients are successful.

While becoming gradually a successful international enterprise through strong competitiveness and coordinated development both at home and abroad, we have been taking initiatives that add value to Karbonsan and its products. To become better than yesterday, we adopt the below mentioned, but not limited to these only, the business values to improve Karbonsan. We can say that we have been a value-driven organization.

We aim to attract, keep and develop a high-performing workforce. Our staff is the key resource of our success. We care about, listen to and develop our staff as an ongoing strategy. We believe that we are all partners in the common interest we share: the success of our company.

Our goal is to enhance reliability and deliver our products to our distinguished customers with a focus on excellence and safety.

Cost Optimization
In whatever we do at Karbonsan, we encourage a culture of value creation and cost effectiveness, continuous improvement and efficient management.

Karbonsan's swift growth and development are based on strong values that continue to inspire us to become one of the premium pressure vessel manufacturers in the world.

We protect our staff, assets and the environment by maintaining high-performance standards for the processes and for safety.

We do our business ethically and with integrity.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of our business.

Karbonsan has been one of the leading diversified industrial manufacturing companies in Turkey in pressure vessels manufacture. Our commitment to innovation and technology is fueled by the people of Karbonsan and their pursuit of excellence. The passion to invent solutions for fluid handling, storage and treatment applications allows us to deliver a full spectrum of products and services to diverse markets. Karbonsan's quality management system has complied with statutory and safety requirements and has been certified to the ISO 9001 standard as an essential part of the company's operations. Nothing is as important as the safety of our employees and products. Our dedication to quality is an absolute must and never be compromised.

Our customers expect and deserve perfection in the products and services we provide.We strive in all areas to enhance and improve the safety, technical standards and sustainability of our industry. Karbonsan's Quality Management System (QMS) is the key to minimizing our costs and maximizing customer satisfaction. The continuous improvement philosophy behind our quality management system drives the improvement in our manufacturing and business processes to better meet the requirements of our customers. The standard of quality for our products and services is determined primarily by the customer. The customer's judgment is of the utmost importance.

The purpose of Karbonsan's QMS is to assure our leadership in an increasingly competitive global market. It is our goal to provide products and services, which exceed customer expectations by:

*Promoting product quality and reliability.

*Building customer loyalty by listening to and responding to our customers’ needs and expectations;

*Continually improving on the effectiveness of the QMS.

*Realizing continuous improvement through the active involvement and participation of our customers, suppliers and employees. 'We depend on each employee to promote Karbonsan's QMS by performing to the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity.'

Dedication to quality is a commitment to take all necessary measures to produce and supply products and services meeting our customers present and future expectations. The new quality policy is part of Karbonsan's overall quality strategy which is focused on total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and active participation of Karbonsan's customers, employees and suppliers. As of 2014, we have started utilizing our team-based approach and implemented lean management principles to question the way that we work and how we can do things differently,  to incourage people to come with ideas and innovations to improve processes and to add value to Karbonsan production system and to improve quality. 

Karbonsan's commitment to quality is a never-ending quest to find new and better ways to meet or exceed customer expectations.