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Kelly Klosure Systems are many other reasons why we’re the smart choice for your building needs. After all, our products are thoughtfully engineered to support equipment of all types and environments of any kind, striking a delicate balance between lightweight construction and heavy-duty performance. And because they are easy to ship, assemble, modify, and relocate, you don’t have to worry about cutting corners to cut costs. Kelly Klosure products are pre-engineered to IBC, UFC, and AISC structural standards. They’re also pre-fabricated, which means our buildings are almost completely done before they leave our factory. With simple foundation requirements and a wide variety of pre-framed panels to choose from (including exterior sheeting and accessories like insulation, liner, doors, windows, ventilation, etc.).

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PO Box 1058, 220 North `H` , Fremont , Nebraska 68026-1058 USA

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Engineering service provider
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Nationally (across the country)

Kelly Klosure products minimize the work necessary in the field and expedite the entire construction process. In fact, our products can be constructed four times faster than conventional rigid frame metal buildings; a 12’ x 15’ building can often be installed in less than a day. Typically, we can get your order to you in just 4-6 weeks from drawing approval—even faster if you’re on a tight deadline. And if you’re in need of a quick quote, our pricing turnaround on standard buildings is usually done within 24 hours. So if you need a project done fast—but done right—we’re the perfect partner for you.

A story of excellence that dates back to 1968.

Kelly Klosure Systems got its start way back in 1968 by Ron “Kelly” Kellogg. As a general contractor, Ron was looking for a more economical way to shelter his construction projects during the harsh Nebraska winters. His solution was a four foot wide reuseable panel made from angle iron and corrugated fiberglass sheeting held together by a patented locking key mechanism. This became the basis for constructing jobsite weather protection and storage buildings.

The original Kelly Klosure panels were used for weather protection enclosures and temporary/relocatable buildings of various shapes and sizes in the 1970s and 80s. In response to an ever-changing marketplace, the panels were refined in the early 80s and Kelly’s weather-tight, permanent and relocatable building systems were born.

Today, Kelly Klosure continues to constantly improve its products and provide the same world class customer service that our clients have come to expect throughout power, construction and government markets.