Ketek Group Inc

Ketek Group Inc

Ketek’s Cyclonator Incinerators – manufactured to customer specifications at our fabrication plant in Edmonton, Canada – are successfully eliminating solid waste at more than 300 locations around the world. Also known as thermal oxidizers, Ketek’s incinerators are the preferred solution for waste disposal in dozens of communities and at hundreds of oilfield, mining, hospital and military sites. They reduce or eliminate the cost of transporting waste to central landfills and the risks of handling hazardous materials. Ketek has 40 years of experience in manufacturing, assembling and maintaining incinerators. Combined with waste-management practices for source separation, we offer full-service solutions to any solid-waste-handling needs a client may have. Our incinerator design and manufacturing facilities comply with the ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system.

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Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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Since its inception in 1979, Ketek Group Inc. (Ketek) has grown to become a full service provider to mining, forestry, oilfield, armed forces, agricultural, pipelines, municipal construction, institutional, and international clients.  The company (Ketek Industries Ltd.), founded by Richard J. Abel, began as a small oilfield equipment rental business with the idea that its clients deserved to know the true cost of the supply of the equipment they were renting.

Ketek was the first company to provide scheduled service and repair of its equipment inclusive in the rental rate negotiated with the client prior to delivery. This allowed the customer to calculate the actual cost of the equipment for the period of use without an allowance for additional fees to come later for field service, cleaning, and/or repair after the equipment was returned. This small company changed the way rental equipment was charged and our methods were adopted as an industry standard. Mr. Abel continues to lead the company as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board.

Ketek’s growth and diversification was driven by client requirement, employee optimization, and the desire to level the cyclical nature of the oil industry. In the early 80’s the supplier of Ketek’s Incineration line of rental equipment failed. This resulted in the need to start a manufacturing company and in 1984, Westland Incinerator Company Ltd. (Westland) was Incorporated to provide new equipment and parts for our fleet. Westland rapidly grew into an international supplier of incineration equipment and absorbed its main competitor (Howell Refractories Limited) in 1992.

Also in 1992, the shareholders of Ketek acquired a dewatering company (Groundwater Control Systems Inc.) which provided groundwater management services in municipal sewer and water construction as well as industrial plant construction. This allowed for the optimization of our staff as the rental business was busy in the winter months and the construction industry was busy dealing with water issues predominantly in the summer months.

As the companies developed and staffing levels grew, along with compliance requirements becoming more intense, the owners of the group identified the need for a more professional approach to employee safety. In 2002, Alltek Loss Prevention Inc. (Alltek) was incorporated to provide program development, employee training, and professional consulting services in the safety industry. Alltek also provided prime contractor services in the land development field to support its major clients in residential and commercial construction.

To better provide a consistent level of service to a broad client-base in multiple industries it was determined, in 2009, that the group of companies should amalgamate and provide their capabilities as a united entity. In January 2011, the group officially started to provide services as Ketek Group Inc.

Today, Ketek provides a wide range of services from strategic locations in Western Canada and has expanded its offering to our clients with the support of numerous professionals on staff and a very energetic management team. We have also acquired distribution rights with suppliers of specialized equipment and have developed strategic affiliations with some associations and educational institutions.

Ketek will continue to develop as a wholly owned privately held corporation which is capable of reacting to the needs of our various clients without the bureaucratic hurdles most public companies must endure.


To be a team that provides industry leading service for excellent value.


To achieve our Vision by conducting business ethically with an unsurpassed level of safety, quality, and environmental stewardship.