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  • Conveying

  • Impulse - Collection Conveyors

    Impulse - Collection Conveyors

    Collection Conveyors gently collect product from other processing machines to minimize damage and converge product flow.We design and build conveyors for your application. Washing, drying, cooling, spreading, aligning and elevating are just some of the other functions our collection conveyors can perform while preparing your product for the next step in the process. Explore the variety of conveying technology we offer below.

  • Horizon  - Horizontal Motion Distribution Conveyors

    Horizon - Horizontal Motion Distribution Conveyors

    A horizontal motion conveyor that features gentle, quiet, and sanitary horizontal motion conveying for distributing many fragile, seasoned, coated, and frozen food products. Food processing often requires the product flow to be separated into multiple streams for efficient processing. Distribution conveyors control product flow to downstream equipment using gates and diverters to meter the product by the optimal amount. Explore the variety of...

  • Horizontal Motion Feed Conveyors

    Horizontal Motion Feed Conveyors

    A horizontal motion conveyor that features gentle, quiet, and sanitary horizontal motion conveying, Horizon is ideal for many fragile, seasoned, coated, and frozen food products. Feed conveyors optimally present your product to the next piece of processing equipment to maximize yield and improve performance of the downstream equipment. Key’s decades of experience and modeling provide the highest level of performance and fit specifically designed...

  • Impulse - Electromagnetic Conveyor

    Impulse - Electromagnetic Conveyor

    Our Impulse electromagnetic conveyor provides gentle product handling for the more fragile products requiring scalping, size grading or other product separation functions. Grading, sizing and separating are essential functions in your processing line. Key’s industry-proven conveyors are built with our reliable Vector-Lock™ clamping system that securely holds screens, yet allows for quick removal for cleaning and change-over. Screens are...

  • Processing

  • Air Cleaner

    Air Cleaner

    Simple and efficient, the Air Cleaner separates your product from leaves, stems, chaff, or other light trash. The specially engineered separation chamber and diffuser grid system produce an equally distributed air pattern that improves separation and reduces residence time and damage from unnecessary product drops.

  • Food Pumping System

    Food Pumping System

    The Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump transfers food products by using water as a transport medium to elevate and convey many products quickly and gently. The water supports and serves as a protective cushion to the product being handled. To go along with the Hydro-Flo Food Processing Pump, a complete pumping system is available to cool or convey processed products while reclaiming the water for another cycle.

  • Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems

    Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems

    This line of versatile roller sizers and graders enables food processors to transfer and classify product efficiently—while removing field debris, broken pieces, seeds, juice, fines, and other targeted material. Key’s Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems feature on-the-fly tuning, no pinch points, diameter and length sizing, self-cleaning stainless steel rollers, sealed corrosion resistant bearings for low maintenance and easy cleaning for...

  • Small Piece Remover

    Small Piece Remover

    The Small Piece Remover is an open-bed design machine with integral frame and endless sizing belt, used to separate smaller pieces of product from line flow. Running at a right angle to product flow, the sizing belt forms a trough where product travels through the machine. The rolling cross-flow movement gently mixes and encourages product transfer. The Small Piece Remover features consistent and accurate length sizing for field proven 98%...

  • Sorting

  • Model ADR 5 - Automatic Defect Removal System

    Model ADR 5 - Automatic Defect Removal System

    Key’s Automatic Defect Removal System (ADR 5) is a unique system that turns a defective potato strip into a good one by automatically identifying and removing flaw areas. When equipped with the optional CIT  (Chemical Imaging Technology) module, ADR5 is also able to detect and remove sugar end defects. ADR5 maximizes process yield while ensuring optimal product quality, which is why 95% of the world’s potato strips are processed on a...