Key Technology

- Electromagnetic Conveyor



Our Impulse electromagnetic conveyor provides gentle product handling for the more fragile products requiring scalping, size grading or other product separation functions. Grading, sizing and separating are essential functions in your processing line. Key’s industry-proven conveyors are built with our reliable Vector-Lock™ clamping system that securely holds screens, yet allows for quick removal for cleaning and change-over. Screens are available in a variety of styles to align, singulate, dewater, length grade, width grade, scalp, move product up an incline or even perform several functions in a single operation. From the simple to the complex, Key’s Grading, Sizing, and Separating Conveyors are known to be the best most robust and reliable in the industry.

Key Differentiators

  • Lightweight Easy to Change Screens
  • Preferred Industry Solution
  • Designed for Sanitation
  • No Moving Parts - No Belts, No Bearings, No Lubrication
  • Self-Regulated Performance for Varied Processing Conditions
  • Unmatched Design and Engineering Experience

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