Khemia Software Inc

Khemia Software Inc

Khemia Software is a premier provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for the environmental, water/wastewater, food & beverage, manufacturing and chemical industries. Founded in 1995, the company has successfully implemented its LIMS in numerous laboratories across the United States and internationally. Our professionals have extensive experience working within laboratories and understand the challenges that clients face. Combining this background with over 20 years of product development has culminated in Omega 11, our most feature-rich and configurable LIMS to date. Founded in 1995, the company has successfully implemented its LIMS in numerous laboratories across the United States.

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33080 Industrial Road, , Livonia , MI 48150 USA
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Software vendor
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Laboratory Equipment
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Nationally (across the country)
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The Khemia Company, based out of Denver, Colorado, first introduced the Omega LIMS in 1995. The product initially featured a pure MS Access front and back end. Since then, Omega has undergone substantial development as the scope of a modern LIMS has continued to evolve and include greater aspects of laboratory operations and business management. In 2004, the Omega back end was upgraded to MS SQL Server, significantly increasing its storage capacity, speed, stability and security. Two years later, the Khemia Company was acquired by its current ownership, re-located to Livonia, Michigan and renamed to Khemia Software, Inc. In 2007, Omega 11 further improved on its predecessor with yet more functionality, including new general management dashboards, improved workflow automation and chronological sample audit trails. Since its founding, Khemia Software has continuously expanded its operations by adding personnel, further improving the flagship Omega LIMS and serving a wider client base across the United States.

Our mission is to provide laboratories with a competitive advantage to succeed in an increasingly demanding marketplace” – Khemia Software

At Khemia Software, we consider clients to be our partners. Our success is contingent on their laboratory’s prosperity. In order to consistently deliver these win-win outcomes, we as LIMS developers work closely with laboratory professionals in order to understand their operational and regulatory requirements. We understand that creating a product that improves laboratory efficiency only results from close relationships with those we serve. It is from this interaction that we gain insight to create software solutions that make labs more productive, cost-effective and quality-oriented.  Ultimately, our goal is to maximize the productivity of a laboratory’s greatest resources: its equipment and personnel.

LIMS Development Methodology

Our team proactively identifies the pain points that plague laboratory operations and management. With a wide client base, we are able to find patterns in processes that result in clients not producing to their full capacity—and then improve our product to solve these challenges. We consider LIMS development to be an ongoing endeavor that requires persistent effort towards laboratory automation. For this reason, we are always seeking to utilize modern software, tools and technologies as they become available to implement into our Omega 11 LIMS. Our development methodology is strongly influenced by today’s scrum practices—continuous improvement via frequent client feedback. By implementing a strategic approach to software creation, we are able to keep our company responsive to a changing LIMS landscape and efficient in delivering an industry-leading product to our clients.