KHO International Trade Consulting, LLC

KHO International Trade Consulting, LLC

Founded in 1991, KHO International Trade Consulting, LLC (KHO) is a boutique consulting firm with a strong focus on strategic product placement support. Related services can be grouped as market research, technical regulatory compliance support, and professional translation services. It is our goal to support our customers to gain and maintain market strength in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

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311 Lakemoore Drive, Suite B , Atlanta , Georgia 30342-3068 USA

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Business Type:
Consulting firm
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Health and Safety
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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KHO International Trade Consulting, LLC (KHO) is a boutique consulting firm that facilitates outside information to both commercial and non-commercial sectors. With newly defined requirements rooted in the global business environment, professional expertise and an understanding of the regulatory framework in a country or region are vital for a successful market entry. Therefore, KHO provides technical support for regulatory compliance in foreign markets. As an integrated part of our services, KHO offers translation services with graphic solutions.

John Olczak and Kerstin Herrmann are the partners of KHO. Mr. Olczak, a chemist by profession, has a degree in Chemistry, an MBA and holds his Juris Doctor from Georgia State University. Prior to joining KHO, Mr. Olczak worked as an international project manager for the largest design and engineering firm in the USA.

Ms. Herrmann, a native German, has a BAwith Honors in Modern Languages (German, English and Spanish) with International Studies (Economics and International Trade) from the South Bank University in London, UK. Prior to founding KHO, Ms. Herrmann worked as Project Manager for an international trading company in international procurement and project management.

Both Mr. Olczak and Ms. Herrmann are actively involved in the international business community of Metro Atlanta.