Kice Industries

Kice Industries

Founded in 1946, Kice Industries is a fourth generation, family owned business based in Wichita, KS. We design complete industrial air systems and build most of the equipment specified for these systems. Applications include pneumatic conveying, dust control and aspiration. We serve a wide range of industries including grain, plastics, food, feed, wood and minerals. Our employees and customers are our most valuable assets. We take seriously the strong relationship we have with both, and are committed to a positive and long-term connection with each. Company growth is best illustrated by the plant expansion.

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5500 N. Mill Heights Drive , Wichita , Kansas 67219-2358 USA

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Air Filtration
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Internationally (various countries)


Sitting on 25 acres in Park City, KS (North Wichita), the Kice Home Office and 65,000 square feet of manufacturing space were built in 1996.

The home office includes offices for all the internal functions of Kice including management, sales, engineering, drafting, order processing, purchasing and accounting. With room to grow, the home office provides a first class work environment.

Included in the 1996 project was a portion of manufacturing space with 40ft ceilings. This area is used for the pre-assembly of modular processing systems such as the KSU Mill and plastics regrind and aspiration systems.

In 2004 Kice opened a 72,500 square foot manufacturing building adjoining the existing manufacturing space. This project completed a long term plan to move the entire Kice operation to the Park City location. The new building houses state-of-the-art manufacturing assets that help to produce Kice equipment.

CFM (Casting, Fabricating and Machining) was opened in 1976. The foundry is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kice and produces quality cast iron parts for not only Kice, but many other customers around the country. The CFM facility is 57,750 square feet and employs nearly 50 people.

Over 50 Years of Steady Growth & Pioneering of Skilled Air Systems for Industry

Kice Industries was originally organized as a four-way partnership in 1945 at the end of WWII when J.W. 'Bill' Kice and his three sons, Jack, Russell and Jim started construction of the first shop building. They started operating as a business in January 1946. At that time, the business was known as Kice Metal Products Company. Beginning in May 1968, they began operating as a family-held corporation. Before then they did not pay much attention to titles (everybody did what had to be done), but each partner had his basic responsibility for production and service. Jack (the eldest son) handled engineering and advertising, Russell handled sales and administration, and Jim was in charge of manufacturing.

Bill retired soon after incorporation but continued as Board Chairman several years. Russ became President and Sales Manager; Jim's title was V.P., Production; and Jack's was V.P., Engineering. Jack was elected Board Chairman when Bill died in 1972 and held both titles until he retired on his 70th birthday, Jan. 10, 1985. At that time, Jim took his place as Board Chairman. Steve Becker, a highly qualified CPA, is Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation.

Russell's sons are J.D. (V.P of Marketing), Bill (V.P. of Sales), Bob (V.P. of International Sales), and Tom (President). Jim's sons are - Ed (V.P. of Production in Wichita, and Board Chairman) and Dave (President of CFM at our Blackwell, OK facility). All of the sons are Board members, and also members of the Operating Committee, where sales, operations and policies are discussed and decided.