Klean Industries Inc

Klean Industries Inc

Klean Industries comprises an international team of award-winning experts with over 60 years of experience in the deployment of alternative energy solutions, including clean power production, waste management, recycling, and resource recovery. Klean uses proven technologies to rapidly develop projects that produce the highest quality fuels, nano-carbons and green energy from waste materials and surface carbon feedstocks. Klean Industries specializes in carbonization, pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction systems which convert scrap tires, waste plastics and municipal solid waste into liquid fuels and energy. With Klean on your side, our customers can collaborate with our technicians from anywhere on the globe to evaluate system failures and performance. As a result, costly service calls can be reduced with these unique monitoring and collaboration capabilities.

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#2500 - 700 West Georgia St, , Vancouver , British Columbia V7Y1B3 Canada
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Waste to Energy
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Globally (various continents)

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As our name suggests, Klean Industries Inc. (as in 'clean') is a environmentally conscious industrial energy company focused on providing renewable and alternative energy solutions. We pay special attention to the implementation of resource-recovery and recycling solutions which aid in the development and creation of the circular economy we all want and need.

Klean Industries is a specialized international company using advanced 'clean' technologies to develop projects that provide environmentally beneficial solutions to energy and waste-management challenges using only the best commercially available technologies.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and is committed to solving problems large and small in a commercially viable and environmentally responsible manner, with a primary focus on converting high calorific waste streams into valuable commodities.

Klean's Mission & Mandate are to:
  • To apply the best-of-class technologies to recover energy and resources from niche waste streams,
  • To own facilities that are not only 'GREEN' but extremely profitable,
  • To produce and market high quality commodities that have a worldwide demand,
  • To own and operate businesses that generate significant carbon credits from their operations,
  • To own and operate facilities on a commercial basis without special subsidies,
  • To earning attractive, low-risk returns for customers and investors alike.

From its inception, Klean Industries mission was to close the loop on consumption, waste and industry by recovering sustainable commodities that can re-enter the manufacturing supply chain. Klean Industries has a pragmatic and yet creative approach to energy and waste problems consistently rising to the challenge of providing innovate, sustainable and economical solutions.

Klean's Technical Team has been responsible for the construction of billions of dollars' worth of energy and resource recovery projects worldwide. These have encompassed solar, geo-thermal, wind, nuclear and the combustion, gasification and carbonization of municipal solid wastes, coal, tires, plastics and automotive shredder residues. Our Team's proven ability to take an idea and combine it with a clear vision of implementation has created world firsts in engineering, a multitude of times.

Klean has developed strong industrial relationships not only in the waste industry, but also the chemicals and materials manufacturing sectors to forge new supply chains that are based on sustainable commodities. These companies are the largest in their sectors; power production, oil, chemical, automotive, construction and advanced material manufacturers.

After years of research and due diligence on niche technologies for recycling petroleum based waste, specifically for the processing of tires, plastics and shredder residues, Klean acquired its own pyrolysis and gasification IP, a platform technology that has been proven at over fifty commercial facilities. The patented Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) has been optimized to recycle high calorific waste which is the primary focus of the Klean Team.